Sunday, January 20, 2008

A New Day Has Come...

A year went by so fast and another one has come…
Three weeks have already passed from January… The first month of the year and the coldest as well!!
We're shivering underneath our sheets and blankets, holding
Our dreams in one hand and a cup of hot drink in the other!

However and whatever it feels… I love January with all its coldness and cruelty... with its vast space and short time... With it's heavy rain and light sun and warmth.
May be because it's the first... Month number one... The beginning of everything... I used to love everything that's unique and significant, and January feels exactly like one unique month.

Every year I put some plans and try to do only quarter of them which ends up to finishing only 5% of I what I planned or dreamed of..!

Of course that didn't happen all of a sudden… I only walked some baby steps towards my dream.. To be the writer I always wanted to be.. The perfect and super wife.. And may be that's not all I want.. God only knows!

This year I didn't write down any plans yet, they're still in the phase of daydreams and night dreams as well.

I believe writing down your plans needs more than just dreams and wishes. They need strong will the strength to achieve, and the patience to walk the line till its end and wait for the results… You'll continue.

Last year I learned that reaching my dreams needs lots of capabilities which I didn't have or didn't bother to develop... or may I say didn't bother to have!

This year I believe will be the hardest for me…
The year of taking chances.
The year of using all the available resources.
The year of change.
The year of an extreme make-over (Soul and Lifestyle Edition).
The year of standing up for myself.
The year of Glamour, Glory, and Genuine.
The year of having dreams in my head, will in my hand, and steps to achieve them…

This is dedicated to all of those who have dreams and didn't take a single step to turn them into reality…
To all of those who love January…
And to all of those who love the beginning of a new year… and a new day…