Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thanks Mom... I'm a Book Worm:)

When I go back in time, I think of the days when I started buying books, reading books, and adoring books… I think that’s a main reason behind me being a writer and reach what I am today, of course beside motivation and help from my family and friends, and in the beginning.. Prayers and supplication.

If I have to choose two persons who made me become a book worm… I’ll choose my mom and her youngest brother, my uncle Tarek who’s staying right now in Saudi Arabia.

I remember that mom used to take me to the Cairo book fair every year after saving some money for the event to buy books both in English and Arabic. My brother Mohammad didn’t show any response or interest in reading, except for Mickey and Donald duck comics which he still reads till now (Me too of course)!

Mom used to buy me famous stories in English such as, the sleeping Beauty, Mary Poppins, Peter Pan, Snow white, and The Red in hood and many 3D books about sailing and discovering the world, Inventions, and astrology which was made by Russian publishers and bookstores, but came in Arabic!

When I grew a little I started with mystery series which was very famous and well-known since the seventies and was written by Mahmoud Salem (The first crime and mystery writer for the youth).
The series was called (The five Adventurers), and there was another edition where there was three another adventurers and came under the name (The three adventurers).
Then I moved to another series by the same writer, called (The thirteen devils), but I didn’t last long cause it was more about spies and inspectors!!

I shifted to a complete new stuff… thrillers and crime novels, and that for my surprise till now was from the age of 10 when I was just reaching the fifth grade… I started with Agatha Christie and finished all her novels both in English and in Arabic… I was very keen on learning the new vocabulary from a little oxford dictionary which I considered at that time my closest friend!
I then moved to Arthur Conan Doyle (The legendary writer of Sherlock Holmes stories), Mary sheily, Edgar Allen Poe, and Stephen King… Thrillers became my favorite novels, and stayed so till now!
Actually I'm very addicted to Dr. Ahmad Khaled Tawfik's series (Ma Waraa2 Al Tabee3a) which means (Behind nature... or I can say supernatural). It's a horror and mystery series which started in the early nineties, and I started reading it from it's beginning till now and own the whole collection which will reach a 100 issue soon... I love it's hero (Refaat Ismaiil) to death, and couldn't imagine my life without him (he is over 70 by the way:))))

When we studied Charles dickens novels and Shakespeare’s plays at school, I loved them very much and went beyond my studies to finish reading all his work in the original edition of old English!

Now thank God, I’m very proud that I’ve read a large amount of books or I may say just a little if I measured it with what I want to read in the future and still reading till now!

Thanks mom and thanks uncle Tarek for making me a book worm.
And In their tribute, I dedicate the Book Review Cozy Corner.

It will start next month by God’s will, as I’m preparing the list of books and also need suggestions from you people about good books for every month…
Till now I chose three books, and I’ll keep them a surprise.

The funny thing is that I’ll add comics as well… who doesn’t read them or love them anyways.. They also deserve a review!
So till we meet in the cozy corner next month… keep following up:)