Thursday, October 15, 2009

That Big Black Smog!

Around this time of the year I always wake up with a sour throat and head directly to the bathroom to get rid of that awful dark and thick mucous holding up to my chest all night that it feels so hard to regularly inhale and exhale!

It's by the strangest coincidence that the “Blog Action Day” this year about climate change, comes at the same time Cairo is totally covered - as every year since the beginning of the century - with the biggest black smog that smells really awful and suffocates all of the five senses, specially during night.

The smog is a mixture of "smoke" and "fog", so you can say it's a foggy smoke, or a smokey fog.. and in the media here in Egypt it's very well known by (The Black Cloud), so it doesn't matter what you may name it or call it, what does really matter is the future plan to get rid of it.

I guess people here don't actually realize it's hazardous effect and that it's one of the so many reasons the climate is changing every year in Egypt and the ecological system is ruthlessly disturbed and unbalanced.

Our government's control upon high pollution rates and maintaining a healthy and clean environment is nearly non-existent, and away from the government role and efforts that should be exerted, people must receive a decent awareness of keeping their surroundings clean, disposing their waste and garbage, and help in lowering the burnings of organic substances and chemicals.