Saturday, December 31, 2011

The end of the world as we Know it!

Phewwww... Could this year please just end now!

It's been really one hell of a year, a super blend of good dreams and nightmares all in one huge cup, and we've sipped it all in a one unstoppable gulp. We didn't even have the time to take in some air and burp!

 It all started with the bombing of (Al Qeddeesayn) Church in Alexandria on New Year's eve. Sayed Bilal (A Muslim with a salafi background used as a scapegoat) was wrongfully accused of it, captured, then tortured to death by the SS (State Security). That reminded us of what happened to Khaled Saeed on the same year, and that already raised the congestion of the Egyptian street.
 Not Far from Egypt and in Tunisia we've followed the news of the death of Mohammad Bo Azizi who've set himself on fire in December after being harassed by the police, then died in January and that was enough to start the Revolution there and ignited ours here.
The spark spread just like fire in the hay and the revolts started all-over the Arab Region going from Egypt to Libya, Yemen, Bahrain and finally to Syria.

In addition to the historic Revolutions, We have to mention the Japan catastrophic Earthquake, The death of the lunatic Dictator Mu'ammar Al Gaddafi, The death of Bin Laden (which i think is faked and that he'd died long before that, but that's another side story), The inauguration of the political and rebellious movements under the name (Occupy) that started with Occupy Wall street and made it's way all through the states and then all around the world.

There's also the parliamentary elections in Egypt which could have been a presidential one given that Mubarak was still ruling. Thank God that did not happen.

Also the number of martyrs killed brutally by the police force or by the army is way beyond imagination, not to mention that in Syria, for example, the number of people killed in one day can exceed a hundred, other than those severely injured.

Here in Egypt the case is different... Every month we have tens of deaths, hundreds of injuries, and hundreds of military trials fabricated to innocent people. The whole calendar of 2011 is totally full to the top of that!

I just cannot stop thinking about the faces of every martyr... Egyptian brothers and sisters who've payed the price for us to gain freedom. Egyptians from all ages, Christians and Muslims, rich and poor. It didn't matter if they looked good cause they've lived in comfort, or if they've carried the suffering of the years all over their faces. Now they both live happily ever after in a heaven that knows no pain.

If we could rewind all of this on year back, No One would have predicted that whole lot of events, the mixture of Joy and grief, The masks that fell revealing the ugly faces of the regimes we've been coexisting with hiding our shame and humiliation in a sack of negligence, burying our heads in the sand, eating earth worms, and saying we're okay now, let's just hope for another tomorrow.

Now that that tomorrow has come, and it came with the strangest unexpected ways... We say Goodbye to the year 2011 and kick it away, but this time scoring a lifetime goal. Actually the match is not over yet, let's just say that 2011 was the first half, just the beginning. Now we'll have a different 2012... the second half of the match always comes stronger after knowing the techniques of your opponent, his strengths and weaknesses. The fight is tough, but as we always know the law that ruled the world for ages and since the first creation... Triumph is with the Good :)