Sunday, July 29, 2007

Out of Service ... Electronically!!!

From the last time I posted my thoughts or I may say my fears... I've had these blackouts three times in three days, which is becoming a lot actually.

My mom decided she must pass me by at work today and grab me by force to see a doctor at 1 p.m. in the middle of my work. Okay, I obeyed the orders and went there with her only to know that I must get a rest from any electronic device transmitting radiations!!!

He wrote me one week to rest without being exposed to a mobile, PC, or a T.V.

So, I just want to say... I'll rest now till I see you next week after the medical tests, and the MRI results show up... Pray for me... see ya!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My Sudden Blackouts!

This is the third time!!!
And it happened this time at my office!!!

During this week I had two strange blackouts before. One last saturday, or I can say Sunday morning (nearly dawn) and the other Sunday night while I was having dinner with my husband and our friends. Now it's the third time to happen.
Suddenly while I was working I saw nothing for less than 5 seconds, as if someone has switched off the lights and then it came back immediatly. When it happened the first time, I thought I was just tired and my husband was very worried. When I told my mom after the second time, she was extremely worried and feared it was because of sitting for long hours on the PC and not sleeping well...!!!

She asked me to tell her if it happens again, Now I'm really afraid to tell her.
I started to get worried myself, and I hate that feeling of being sick that's transmitted to people like fire.

I wonder, why do I have those strange blackouts out of a sudden. I'll leave work right now, although I didn't finish my shift. I'll try to get some rest and figure out why is this happening to me?!
So Please would you pray for me?!
And tell me if it happened to anyone before and what do you think it is?!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

It's been a long time ... Back From MBC Website

It's been a very long time since I last Blogged into my favourite place ... here on my fragile papers...

Nearly a month being active in writing in arabic and reviving my old days at 20at on my arabic blog Mistiqua in the Kitchen. It just felt like getting my lost soul in the youth english IOL back again.

It's been a very hard and tough month for me, I didn't cook a complete full meal by myself for a very long time, I felt and still feeling depressed till now coz of my work at the Youth section in Islam Online. It leaves me everyday very exhausted and wanting to quit, and I feel I'm not spending much time with my Husband or being fair in doing my duties towards him.

For the very first time today, I feel some kind of motivation, inspiration, and difference.

Baraa encoraged me two weeks ago to join him in writing in the MBC website coz he thinks my arabic blog is real good and I can do truely good reports and bring new ideas.

Baraa took me an appiontement today from the manager of the MBC Website Mr. Mahmoud Sadek, and I went to meet him at 1 : 45 in the afternoon although my time was 2:00, Ali walked me to the buliding and told me to say Duaa' and be very confident coz I'm really good at work.

No. 6 at Soliaman Square (which is actually a rectangle with a garden in the middle), a very clean building with an entrance of marble and mirrors, and the slowest elevator you could ever imagine. It took me like 2 whole minutes to reach the sixth floor and Baraa commented about that elevator also.

A glass Door with the MBC group logo and then an Old security guard whom I knew from Baraa to be an engineering graduate!!!

I entered and asked for Baraa and then he came and walked me to Mr. Mahmoud's office.

A very clean place with a big desk and a wonderful smell.

He was very warm and welcoming. We talked about the website, MBC, 20at, and my work and experience. He gave me his card and we agreed I can send in either the ideas or the articles on the web mail. I left him feeling very enthusiatic. I met Khaled Hanafy and Baraa and then he joined me to the elevator, and I left.

I called mom on my way back to work, and called Ali when I reached there.

I hope I can really make it and prove to myself that I didn't loose my talent after all... I can still work, give, and create like before ... Pray for me... Coz I'm very happy and energized to begin real work again... Welcome to the world of the living writers:)))