Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Attack of Alien ..... MOVIES!!!

Although I don't like sci-fi and alien movies a lot... but there are many noticable movies no one could ever miss or ignore like Sigourney Weaver's masterpiece (Aliens) with it's four parts, the mystery and chilings director M. Night Shyamalan gave us in his Mel gibson's movie (Signs).

The two parts comdey (Men in black) where Tommy Lee Jones and will smith played the roles of agents Jay & Kay who were trying to coordinate between human beings and aliens living on earth. The invisible Predator who's fiercely slashing any huamn being in the movie.

Another comdey which is (Mars Attacks) where aliens take a hillarious shape with thin small bodies and large heads covered by glass. This one is really cool with Tom Jones singing my favourite (It's not Unusual).

If I count the movies it won't end believe me, but I found a real funny video on youtube about the alien movies produced by a team who call themselves (How it should have ended).

I put it down here, Please watch, It's a hillllllllllllllllllllarious smash you never wanna miss.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Home Alone!

What do you do when you're left alone?!
I mean if you're still living with your family, and they left you alone to pay a long visit to one of your relatives or went shopping for a whole day, or even traveled for the week end…. What are your wildest and weirdest dreams when you're home alone?!

I though about that question a lot, because I'm sitting alone now at my family's home with no one with me. And that makes me extremely happy and excited about what I'm gonna do during that long period of loneliness.

I may sometimes like to stay organized, like for example: wash the dishes, watch a little T.V., make a two or three short phone calls, finish some work and so….
That sounds so boring of course, but I only do this when I need human company and feel bored from staying alone after all.

Today I was not in that mood at all. I needed time to stay alone and do some funky things or even jump in the air and twirl as if I'm dancing in a big ballroom, at the same time I had some articles to finish and deliver within two or three days. So I have to figure out how I'm gonna have fun today!

I put a play list of more than 150 songs (Hip-Hop, Rock, Pop, classics), everything I love on the Winamp. All of the songs I wished they were played at my wedding and they were not and started listening, and dancing with an imaginary so-called-copy of my husband.

The Subwoofer was very high and I felt the songs were coming out of me.
It felt like all the bad feelings and stress I felt for the last week has gone.

Now my family came back home, it's 2:30 a.m. and I have to go in a hope that I'd have that wonderful chance again and stay at my family's' all alone.I have to think what am I gonna do next time, have any idea?!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Freedom of a FREE lance Writer … Finally!

It's been a very long time since I've written anything in here.
I've been away from the blogging life for so long that it felt like a whole age.
I got busy with many things those last two month, among them was having my new epilepsy medication which caused me some stupid side effects like nose bleeding, and oversleeping, besides, which is the most important, The doctor said that pregnancy is impossible during that medicine course!!!
But the thing that gave me some comfort was that my sickness was not physical or biological at all. Only over-stress and depression, and that I can stop those pills after a while.

So I decided to take that new step in my life which is working from HOME!!!
Yes, I left my Full-time job finally, although I didn't prepare a work desk or even buy a PC or a Laptop at my home; I just hastily took the step.
I had to go for many days to work from my family's home on my old PC which I left after marriage for my younger brother and my mom.

It felt like breathing fresh Air once again. Things were getting to the worst stage immediately before I left.
Then, as if it wasn't meant for me to work finally in peace, I suffered many misunderstandings from my Boss and some manipulations from the other Assistant Editor who was working with me. They thought I passed the deadlines of my work and then all of a sudden my freelance contract items were changed without me being told!!!

Even When I wrote a 6 pages letter to my boss explaining the misunderstandings that occurred during a whole week, she just replied back in about 10 lines telling me that it's her right to change the contract items anytime and that she's not obliged to ask my opinion.
Then I discovered today and for my surprise that the article I sent for September was published on the 11th of October in the creativity club corner which is a hidden subsection inside the Youth Department. I was ultimately pissed off!!!

Finally I decided I'll shut my mouth up and do what they ask like a blind dog until I find a way out and write for another reputable places (Not that the website I worked at is not Reputable!!) as I still believe in my talent and in my writing style.

I had a time when I lost my self confidence and thought a was a total failure and my writing career is falling down and it's the only thing in my life that I can do well, either to write in English or in my native Arabic language.
Until I gained myself again this week, I don't know how, but I felt like I want to write everyday. Even if it's not for living nowadays, but soon it will be by God's will.

I hope the day I dreamed of becoming a famous writer and author would come, even if that will be the last day of my life.
As long as I'm breathing, walking, seeing, analyzing, and having the mind to work and the hand to type and write, as long as I'll keep on that Path to deliver my message, my thoughts, and the peoples' insight and wisdom.