Friday, August 7, 2009

Not Addicted to blogging.. It's only about Time

70%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

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That's a quiz that I took and it turned out that I'm not that horribly addicted to blogging and I guess it's so obvious from noticing the time gap between every post and the other.

So I figured out that I need to write down at least 10 reasons why I think I don't blog every now and then although I update both my Arabic and English blogs every month or two months at least!

1- I Don't have TIME... tell me when will I post anything when I wake up, get dressed, go to work, return from work very exhausted, cook dinner (not regularly I know), tidy the place, do some cleaning, sit hypnotized in front of the TV with Ali, stay on my laptop for 30 min., and then go to sleep... So when can I find the free time to blog?!!!

2- If time is a lame reason... then LAZY will be my second reason... Many times I feel LAZY... I have many pics to add.. many things to write about and many main events that took place in my daily life... but I just feel idle!

3- No thoughts....No events!
That's the third reason... yeah.. just when I might have time to write or have the motivation.. I find nothing to write... zero.. null.. just blank.

4- I write for myself about myself and what's around me.. so I'm not obligated to write for anyone or about anything I don't feel or want.

5- I don't have a huge and wide or constant base of fans and audience.

6- I seek no fame nor publicity.

7- I don't like being categorized or so much noticed, coz blogging here in Egypt is very much understood and considered as political activity and a way of rebellion and resistance and the bloggers community here are so much concerned about that (Those are the people who appear on TV, attend many workshops and seminars about freedom, and are always talking about human rights)... I don't critisise anyone really.. But I'd like to keep my blog away from judgement.

8- I didn't pay the monthly subscription of the DSL or there's just no internet avaliable where I am.

9- I'm not having my laptop around or shall i say (Our Laptop)... as it's a common property between Ali and me not a dominion.

10- Well.. the last reason is censorship... I feel and think about things that's so..... well.. I don't know how to phrase this.. yup may be in a good manner (inapropriate) or very very harmful, scandalous, and insulting to other people.

And despite all of these reasons... I had the stamina to add two new posts consecutivley in two days.
So I won't give up on myself and wish to raise that 70% of blogging addiction to 80% at the end of the year and I'll leave you to judge.

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Hoda Mourad said...

each branch of our life must have a definite percentage of our time to reach the balance which leads to success &satisfaction .this in turn achieves the goal of being alive.