Saturday, December 31, 2011

The end of the world as we Know it!

Phewwww... Could this year please just end now!

It's been really one hell of a year, a super blend of good dreams and nightmares all in one huge cup, and we've sipped it all in a one unstoppable gulp. We didn't even have the time to take in some air and burp!

 It all started with the bombing of (Al Qeddeesayn) Church in Alexandria on New Year's eve. Sayed Bilal (A Muslim with a salafi background used as a scapegoat) was wrongfully accused of it, captured, then tortured to death by the SS (State Security). That reminded us of what happened to Khaled Saeed on the same year, and that already raised the congestion of the Egyptian street.
 Not Far from Egypt and in Tunisia we've followed the news of the death of Mohammad Bo Azizi who've set himself on fire in December after being harassed by the police, then died in January and that was enough to start the Revolution there and ignited ours here.
The spark spread just like fire in the hay and the revolts started all-over the Arab Region going from Egypt to Libya, Yemen, Bahrain and finally to Syria.

In addition to the historic Revolutions, We have to mention the Japan catastrophic Earthquake, The death of the lunatic Dictator Mu'ammar Al Gaddafi, The death of Bin Laden (which i think is faked and that he'd died long before that, but that's another side story), The inauguration of the political and rebellious movements under the name (Occupy) that started with Occupy Wall street and made it's way all through the states and then all around the world.

There's also the parliamentary elections in Egypt which could have been a presidential one given that Mubarak was still ruling. Thank God that did not happen.

Also the number of martyrs killed brutally by the police force or by the army is way beyond imagination, not to mention that in Syria, for example, the number of people killed in one day can exceed a hundred, other than those severely injured.

Here in Egypt the case is different... Every month we have tens of deaths, hundreds of injuries, and hundreds of military trials fabricated to innocent people. The whole calendar of 2011 is totally full to the top of that!

I just cannot stop thinking about the faces of every martyr... Egyptian brothers and sisters who've payed the price for us to gain freedom. Egyptians from all ages, Christians and Muslims, rich and poor. It didn't matter if they looked good cause they've lived in comfort, or if they've carried the suffering of the years all over their faces. Now they both live happily ever after in a heaven that knows no pain.

If we could rewind all of this on year back, No One would have predicted that whole lot of events, the mixture of Joy and grief, The masks that fell revealing the ugly faces of the regimes we've been coexisting with hiding our shame and humiliation in a sack of negligence, burying our heads in the sand, eating earth worms, and saying we're okay now, let's just hope for another tomorrow.

Now that that tomorrow has come, and it came with the strangest unexpected ways... We say Goodbye to the year 2011 and kick it away, but this time scoring a lifetime goal. Actually the match is not over yet, let's just say that 2011 was the first half, just the beginning. Now we'll have a different 2012... the second half of the match always comes stronger after knowing the techniques of your opponent, his strengths and weaknesses. The fight is tough, but as we always know the law that ruled the world for ages and since the first creation... Triumph is with the Good :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My last words in 2010

This is the time of the year when I feel that time passes us by hastily, instantly, and cruelly. It only takes a glimpse to realize that everything has ended so soon. I need more days to finish those books, or save more amount of money, or have a baby when I'm still younger and able, or even visit more places and finish more assignments.

It feels like I always have so many hopes and dreams I want to fulfill, so many decisions I want to make, and it all tumbles down and shift to the year after, and the year after, and the year after.. as if takes forever to even change the things I hate in me or the things I hate in others (which is unchangeable, of course).

As to me, being aware of the bad things isn't enough to change, but I can't get rid of me. I'm used to living in good terms with myself most of the time, there are ups and downs of course.
It's just me.. sometimes I love who I am and sometimes I don't, but I'm always satisfied thank God.
Yet people... Oh, people.. the source of both my happiness and pain, but a guarantee that I'm never lonely and let me say that the only one on Earth that I give my whole trust and confidence and love unconditionally is my mom.. and only my mom. My brothers come after along with my husband who has a different kind of love in my heart.

I told people that my year's resolutions will about them... my friends, relatives, all kinds of people, and all kinds of relationships in my life, but I backed down.
I'll keep the decision of blocking some people, and keeping others close, and getting to know some... discreet.

I'm only letting out that I'll overview and revise the way I treat people, and the way they treat me.
Only know that the ones I don't like or don't want to know anymore are very few related to those I get to know and love to know everyday of my life.
Ain't that a blessing?

Happy new year people:)

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Oscars 2010... it's Shooow Tiiime!

I don't know why I'm such an enthusiast when it comes to the Oscars... it tempts my fingers to run through my keyboard texting, smsing, tweeting, commenting, and blogging!
It just raises my appetite for writing like a maniac.. and I can't find a way till now to stop that or even find a good and sensible reason for it!
So for all of you who'd love to read some Oscar notes and thoughts other than critical reviews and complicated demagogues interviews.. here you are and hope you'll like it!

- Yeah... The Brangelina are missing this year!
- No Pregnant stars as well:)
- I loved animated feature movie characters talking about themselves like movie stars... So adorable and as usual a new trend.
- Sarah Jessica Parker was chewing a gum in a very trashy way!
- Macaulay Culkin... WOW it's been more than 15 years since Home Alone... He's grown into an adult.. I mean he's not a kid anymore!
- I hate it when there's more than a winner on the same Category and Only time for one of them to speak!
- Ben Stiller and his new Avatar looks ROCKS (he's the got the whole package.. the tail, the blue body and the Navi Language)... he presented the best make-up of course and he was way too funny:))
- Monique thanked the Academy coz this time they gave the award for the performance and not for the politics.
- A short hilarious spoof of (Paranormal Activity) with Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin as actors was shown.
- My favorite movie stars Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner showed us A Horrific Horror Movies Medley.... and guess who was the most amused?!... yeah.. TARANTINO who gave a really good applause.
- Awfully Noticeable... Farah Fawcett was not mentioned in the death tributes.. how stupid of them?!
- The Dance Show that presented the theme music (the original score) was extra terrific.
- George Clooney was moving his head back and fro to the famous Oscars Theme:)
- Why are we obliged to see Israel every year now in the best foreign language film category?!!! Thank God it didn't grab it this time like it did last year.. and not to be rated racist or against the bla bla blas.. I reject a terrorizing Zionist Entity from being chosen yet nominated!!
- Oprah presented Gabourey Sidibe for her nomination... it was very very touching.
- Sandra Bullock said it all... She's got the looks, the dress, the talent, the performance, and the Best leading Role Award... WOW!
- For the first time in the history of the Academy Awards a woman grabs the best director award.. way to go Kathryn Bigelow.. People just like you make us proud being women.
- Tom Hanks at last presented the Best Motion Picture Award in like 3 seconds with no intros at all and it went to (The Hurt Locker) which grabbed 6 awards out of 9 nominations tonight!

So for you all who've been counting the awards...

The winners are:

- Christoph Waltz (Best supporting Actor - Inglourious Basterds).
- UP (Best Animated Feature Film).
- The Weary Kind (Best Original Song - Theme Song from Crazy Heart).
-The Hurt Locker (Best Original Screen Play).
- Logorama (Best Animated Short Film).
- Music by Prudence (Best Documentary Short Film).
- The New Tenants (Best Live Action Short Film).
- Star Trek (Best Makeup).
- Precious (Best Adapted Screen Play).
- Monique (Best Supporting Actress - Precious).
- Avatar (Best Art Direction).
- The Young Victoria (Best Costume Design).
- The Hurt Locker (Best Sound Editing).
- The Hurt Locker (Best Sound Mixing).
- Avatar (Best Cinematography).
-UP (Best Original Score).
- Avatar (Best Visual Effects).
- The Cove (Best Documentary Feature).
- The Hurt Locker (Best Film Editing).
- The Secret in their Eyes (Best Foreign Language Film - Argentina).
- Jeff Bridges (Best Actor in a Leading Role - Crazy Heart).
- Sandra Bullock (Best Actress in a Leading Role - The Blind Side).
- Kathryn Bigelow (Best Director - The Hurt Locker).
- The Hurt Locker (Best Motion Picture).

See you all next year... Goodbye and Goodnight:)

Red Carpet.. Just the Entrance!

Here I go again like every year!
It's Live and Exclusive on FoxMovies Channel for you all.. middle eastern viewers.
It's the time of the Oscars and my private time of the year, where I get to have a special time for myself indulging in a bulgy slice of pizza and a big bottle of Pepsi.. lying comfortably on my couch and trying to sate my eyes of all the beauty and Glamor that's hitting the Red Carpet and heading towards the Kodak Theater.

So here I write my notes and thoughts about dresses and Appearances on the Red Carpet, just before the show starts:

- Mariah Carey's Royal Navy Blue rocks, but she seems to get older, although she's only 40!
- Amanda Seyfried's dress is really so delicate... can go great for a bride as well.
- James Cameron's wife is wearing a blue dress that won on a contest for raising money to their new Environmental Center.
- I love Sigourney Weaver's dress... A red roman style with a black ribbon and bow under the chest.. that woman never looks old.. WOW!
- Sandra Bullock's Dress is too much.. the hair-do is nice and simple and the lipstick is somehow too much colorful , but she's modest when it comes to her best actress nomination!
- Vera Farmiga looks very luscious in a vivid fuchsia unusual dress:)
- It seems Zoe Saldana has a fluffy blanket attached to her dress.. good color and bad material!
- What the hell is wrong with Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick... she's looks pale and he looks damn old, and not because she's wearing a Chanel.. we have to love it!
- George Clooney is waving and smiling for the swarming people and crowd shouting for him... that man's so down to earth when it come to his fans... he's holding a pen in his hand.. yaaay:)... and Oh.. a new hot girl friend in a red dress for this year:)
- Matt Damon and his shy wife Luciana shine for the first time together on the red carpet.
- It seems all the (Precious) girls are dressed in blue tonight... Literally!
- Anna Kendrick is a cute young woman and her pink dress shines out glamorously.. She's the reason I loved (Up in the Air).
- Meryl Streep... that woman's never old.. No wrinkles anywhere, no bent shoulders and definitely no plastic doll looks:)
-George clooney's still running beside the fence waving for his fans, sending them kisses, and doing funny moves:))
- Queen Latifah's best look ever!
- On a second thought and because I'm so very schizophrenic... I love Sandra Bullock's looks!
- I hate Zac Efron.. so fake (sorry Zac fans):(
- JLo... she never skips fashion, elegance, or being suave.
- I don't know why people love Sarah Jessica's Parker dress.... why people why?!!!

Okay.. here they go in.. Let the Party Begins!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Final conclusion of 2009

As usual at the end of every year, I sit alone with myself to make my amends.
State my good deeds, my faults and flaws (which are more all the time), new friends I've made, people I've lost, and events taking place around me.

And so I came up with the the conclusion that 2009 was my worst year ever when it comes for my career and dreams!
All my achievements were temporary consumerism which provided me temporary happiness and satisfaction!

- I made lots of shopping, consumed lots of materialistic things.

- Lost lots of people and discovered the real monstrous and deceitful faces of others.

- Lost contact nearly with my best friend ever Fatema (and now I know nearly nothing about her!) as she don't answer back any of my msgs or phone calls and moved to a new place which I know nothing about!

- Got fired from my work in the most humiliating way ever, after a very mean conspiracy behind my back to kick me out as soon as possible.

- Worked with many double-faced people, social and position climbers, and Ass kissers!

- Lost my self-esteem and got nothing to boost my ego.

- Can't trust myself to write again or search for a job or a place to write, I;m not sure I'll be good!

- Did not conceive a baby yet (the thing that I'm not worried about, but this year it's been very stressful with all the picky and curious people asking about the reasons and demanding we should have one!!!), and I don't like people taking control of my life and my decisions and after all God's will.

- Lost my favorite and expensive Benetton wallet somewhere:(

- gained weight and couldn't keep on dieting.

So after all of that mess... I can't stop but hope that 2010 will be better InshaAllah, and the best thing that every new year I gain some new and good friends indeed (not be totally unfair to 2009).

I'd like to thank those who stood by me in my toughest time without even asking, judging me, or even knowing me that much.... Sonia, Muhammad Labib, Mayada, and Deco.... thanks people for standing by my side and caring, and thanks for giving me the best times and outings:)

It seems that I hate odd numbers... so 2010 is a time to make everything even and to start searching for my lost self again.

Let the quest begin...

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Favourite Books and Readings in 2009

I decided at the beginning of 2009, that I won't let that year pass without finishing at least 30 books, and hell why not, or that was my plan back last January, but I found out at the end of December that I couldn't make it sorrowfully!

I've just finished my 12th book and it was Stephen King's creepy (Duma Key). It took me three months just to finish this particular one with its 800 pages that's full of frightening and breath taking details that gave me a lot of goosebumps for so many nights.
Throughout the whole year I've gotten to finish those 12 books in addition to my regular full-time work back then, my all-time full-time housework, and going out for shopping, dining, visiting friends and relatives, but still that won't make it up for me though!

I'll make it one of my top priorities this year that InshaAllah I'll finish at least 30 books by the end of 2010.
Now that I've quit my full-time job, I've got no excuse!
It always feels good to make yourself a good ambiance while reading, not including the toilet of course, but in winter it's always good to have a comfy couch or bed, a heavy soft blanket, along with a herbal hot drink or ur favorite cup of Hot chocolate.

I'll leave you with the Novels and Books I finished, thanks God, this year,

1- The Lodging House AKA (Wekalet Atteya) by Khairy Shalaby.

2- Utopia by Ahmed Khaled Tawfik.

3- Twilight by Stephanie Meyer.

4- New Moon by Stephanie Meyer.

5 - The Big Four by Agatha Christie.

6- The Spot of Light AKA (Noqtet Al Noor) by Bahaa Taher.

7- The fate of a cockroach AKA (Maseer Sorsar) by Tawfik Al Hakim.

8- The Companions of the Cave AKA (Ahl El-Kahf) by Tawfik Al Hakim.

9- Angels and Demons by Dan Brown.

10- The Beggar AKA (Al Shahath) by Naguib Mahfouz.

11-Taxi by Khaled El Khamisy.

12- Duma Key by Stephen King.

I know I get to watch movies more than I read books, but that somehow makes a balance.
So Now I'm preparing the new list of books in 2010, will make a budget, then head to my favourite shopping destinations ever...bookstores.. so wish me luck:)

P.S. About the (Book Review Cozy Corner), it's gonna be active in 2010, also you can find all the stated books covers down on the right side when you scroll.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

That Big Black Smog!

Around this time of the year I always wake up with a sour throat and head directly to the bathroom to get rid of that awful dark and thick mucous holding up to my chest all night that it feels so hard to regularly inhale and exhale!

It's by the strangest coincidence that the “Blog Action Day” this year about climate change, comes at the same time Cairo is totally covered - as every year since the beginning of the century - with the biggest black smog that smells really awful and suffocates all of the five senses, specially during night.

The smog is a mixture of "smoke" and "fog", so you can say it's a foggy smoke, or a smokey fog.. and in the media here in Egypt it's very well known by (The Black Cloud), so it doesn't matter what you may name it or call it, what does really matter is the future plan to get rid of it.

I guess people here don't actually realize it's hazardous effect and that it's one of the so many reasons the climate is changing every year in Egypt and the ecological system is ruthlessly disturbed and unbalanced.

Our government's control upon high pollution rates and maintaining a healthy and clean environment is nearly non-existent, and away from the government role and efforts that should be exerted, people must receive a decent awareness of keeping their surroundings clean, disposing their waste and garbage, and help in lowering the burnings of organic substances and chemicals.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ramadan Shopaholics Everywhere!!!

That's my husband pushing the cart for me inside hyper one market.
We were shopping for Ramadan food and supplies trying to consume normally as every other month, but usually it gets out of our hands and we spend a lot more!!!
I'm usually a shopaholic when it comes to buying nearly anything (specially food, books, clothes, kitchenware, home accessories....etc).

It's a joy for the woman....a shock for the man (As you may see)!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Travel Happily ... Travel Light

It is the end of the summer vacation, when every one wants a final getaway before heading back to university or school and before Ramadan.

Let's start packing our bags and leave the crowded and choking city with its hot, heavy, and stifling weather. Let's go far away and head to a place where there's a long blue beach and golden sand, a place of which every part speaks so delicately and beautifully of nature.

Now we're here! A nice chalet overlooking a garden and a beach. It's wonderful, isn't it?

After that long trip, don't you feel a little tired? Do you have a headache?

OK, just look in your bags and you'll surely find some painkillers.

You didn't find any? Even in that little backpack?

Never mind. A cold shower will melt your tiredness away, but where are the soap and the towel?

Can't you see that you've forgotten many important things while there is a lot of unnecessary stuff packed in your bags? Didn't you prepare yourself well before traveling? Didn't you write a list of the things you'll need while you're there?

To avoid this mistake, here are some tips to help you know how to pack your bag for your next trip:

Traveling by Car, Bus, or Train

* Make a written list of the things you'll need the most, so whenever you finish packing something, check out that item from the list.

* Follow the weather forecast of the country/city you're heading to in order to get to know what kind of clothes and things you'll need with you; sunglasses and light clothes if it's summer, or heavy pullovers and a coat if it's winter.

* Get a small handbag to use on your trip (backpack or cross bag preferred) and another big one for your clothes and personal stuff. If the big one is not enough, you can distribute your things between two medium-sized bags. Take into consideration that large- and medium-sized bags should be with wheels (trolley bags).

* Don't overload any of your bags. This can damage your bag, what's stuffed in it, and even your back and hands.

* Take a prayer mat, with a compass, and a copy of the Qur'an. You can also bring your booklet of daily remembrances and, of course, Du`aa' As-Safar (Arabic for "Traveling Supplication").

* Pack only the clothes you'll need. If they're ironed, you should pack them flat; if not, you can take a small iron with you.

* Don't fold your clothes in the same way you put them in your closet or chest of drawers; the idea is to make good use of a bag's space. Roll them up tightly and put any breakable stuff in-between them.

* Take one bed sheet and pillow cover just in case you need them.

* Don't forget your bathing suit or waterproof clothes, a good sunscreen, sunglasses, head cap, and skin moisturizer if you're heading to a place with a swimming pool or beach.

* Place the shoes and slippers in a separate plastic bag inside the main bag or separately in a small one. You can put scrunched up, old newspapers inside them so they would neither bend nor break. Also, take the ones that'll suit the clothes you've packed.

* Remember to take a first aid kit. Put your vitamins, painkillers, and emergency ointments in a small, separate bag inside the one you'll carry on you.

* Don't forget, for your personal hygiene: One big cotton towel and small ones, some bars of soap, a bath sponge, shampoo, shower gel, conditioner, hair dryer, moisturizer and body cream, a comb, hair brush, hair cream, and hair accessories (for girls and women), nail toolkit, toothpaste and a tooth brush (you'll need to keep your white smile and fresh breath!).

* Take small pillows with you if you want to sleep or rest on your way.

* Take, if you think you'll need them, some high-tech entertainment gadgets like a digital camera, a digital audio player, a laptop, and, of course, the old-fashioned radio. For the leisure time you'll spend indoors with friends or family, bring some games like monopoly, dominos, chess, and playing cards.

* Bring an interesting book you want to read, and a notebook and some pens for writing a diary or some thoughts and ideas; the outdoors is really inspiring!

* Take some snacks and drinks (e.g. apples, bananas, healthy sandwiches, fresh juice, and packed sweets). You can also freeze water in plastic bottles if the weather is very hot, or you can bring a thermos full of tea or coffee and plastic disposable cups.

* Bring your bike with you if you have enough space in your transportation. Riding a bike is an excellent way to easily move around and it's lots of fun!

* Don't forget to bring a plastic bag to throw all your rubbish away during the trip, especially if you're traveling in a car.

* Get yourself a spray-on repellent and/or some special incense or liquid to repel flies and mosquitoes, just in case.

Traveling Abroad by Plane or Ship

If you're traveling abroad, you'll need some extra tips:

* Don't forget these important papers and cards: personal ID, passport, traveling tickets, credit cards, cash, and a printed map and a little booklet of the country you're visiting as well as a small dictionary of the country's language if it's a language you're not familiar with. Put those things in a small cross bag close to your body, make it unnoticeable, and beware of muggers and pickpockets.

* Don't take excess weight in your bags so you don't have to pay extra money at the airport. Check the websites of the airliner and the airport about the permissible weight and the number of bags you can carry on board.

* Put big noticeable stickers on all your bags and write down your name, your address (in your country and the one you are visiting), and also your phone number (also in both countries). This is important in case they got lost and somebody finds them.

* Write down all your important numbers in a small notebook (ID, passport, insurance, and important phone numbers of relatives and friends). Don't write down your credit card number!

* Exchange your money before leaving your country and put the cash in many places: your waist bag, deep inside your pockets, and even in your socks! Always make sure that taking money into your destination country is legal.

* Turn off your cellular phone and radio (if you carry one) while the plane takes off, so as not to interrupt the radar transmission.

* Be careful not to carry any of these items in the airport or on the plane: any kind of weapons such as daggers, knives, a licensed pistol, or even your sandwich knife; any sharp or pointed objects; organic material or food that can go rotten; chemical substances, poisons, acids, and of course, inflammable and explosive substances; also, insect killers and sprays. You can buy insect killers and sprays from your destination country.

Finally, I wish you all a nice trip and a happy vacation. Remember this quote by the French writer and aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, "He who would travel happily must travel light."

Friday, August 7, 2009

Not Addicted to blogging.. It's only about Time

70%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Created by OnePlusYou - Free Dating Site

That's a quiz that I took and it turned out that I'm not that horribly addicted to blogging and I guess it's so obvious from noticing the time gap between every post and the other.

So I figured out that I need to write down at least 10 reasons why I think I don't blog every now and then although I update both my Arabic and English blogs every month or two months at least!

1- I Don't have TIME... tell me when will I post anything when I wake up, get dressed, go to work, return from work very exhausted, cook dinner (not regularly I know), tidy the place, do some cleaning, sit hypnotized in front of the TV with Ali, stay on my laptop for 30 min., and then go to sleep... So when can I find the free time to blog?!!!

2- If time is a lame reason... then LAZY will be my second reason... Many times I feel LAZY... I have many pics to add.. many things to write about and many main events that took place in my daily life... but I just feel idle!

3- No thoughts....No events!
That's the third reason... yeah.. just when I might have time to write or have the motivation.. I find nothing to write... zero.. null.. just blank.

4- I write for myself about myself and what's around me.. so I'm not obligated to write for anyone or about anything I don't feel or want.

5- I don't have a huge and wide or constant base of fans and audience.

6- I seek no fame nor publicity.

7- I don't like being categorized or so much noticed, coz blogging here in Egypt is very much understood and considered as political activity and a way of rebellion and resistance and the bloggers community here are so much concerned about that (Those are the people who appear on TV, attend many workshops and seminars about freedom, and are always talking about human rights)... I don't critisise anyone really.. But I'd like to keep my blog away from judgement.

8- I didn't pay the monthly subscription of the DSL or there's just no internet avaliable where I am.

9- I'm not having my laptop around or shall i say (Our Laptop)... as it's a common property between Ali and me not a dominion.

10- Well.. the last reason is censorship... I feel and think about things that's so..... well.. I don't know how to phrase this.. yup may be in a good manner (inapropriate) or very very harmful, scandalous, and insulting to other people.

And despite all of these reasons... I had the stamina to add two new posts consecutivley in two days.
So I won't give up on myself and wish to raise that 70% of blogging addiction to 80% at the end of the year and I'll leave you to judge.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


These days I feel boredom and contradiction invaded my life and my mind.

I think about everything... my past.. my future.. how I got married.. how will I die.. why am I working with no ambition?!

I think about my future babies.. the death of the people I love most and then wish to die first!!
I think sometimes about divorce just because I don't deserve to be married to someone way too much better than I am.. then cry coz I believe it might be a choice for someone who's not in love that much.

I think how I wasted my years upon people who don't deserve my care.. and wasted other years not getting to know and understand people who turned out to be so amazing!

I think about how boring can I get when my mind is not occupied and how boring people become when they're so (the same) in everything everyday and barely nothing changes.

I think about how I want to dye my hair in deep red and have a new short (katie Holmes) hair cut and then convince myself that I've changed.

I think about the so many days I didn't cook or clean the house or take care of Ali and then curse myself coz he's the only man who deserves to be taken good care of.

I feel contardiction about my every aspect.. I want to stay at my work yet want to leave.. I want babies so bad yet can't stand the noise and cries of kids.. I want to run on the beach with my hair flying loose yet I know I'll never do it as long as I live.

I hate the continous pain in my back.. yet sometimes love it when it makes people care.. and then hate it again coz I think sympathy is absurd and i don't like acting pathetic.
I hate it when I'm so damn eager to buy something new that I saw and loved and then when I get it.. it becomes so ordinary... and that's why I sometimes love being deprived of objects that i love so that I have to feel the torture of craving for them.

I think I was just bored somehow and had to pour out those words... so think they're a total waste and dumb.. I don't care.. I just felt I need to type it down and then exhale... wooooph.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Too Tight... Too Overworn

Two weeks ago I discovered the dilemma of the season!!!
All my summer and spring clothes became either too tight (despite the diet I'm following nowadays), or too much overworn that it looked crappy as if it has just come from between a wild dog's teeth!!!

I decided to rebel.. and started the hunt for new clothes yesterday... comfortable sandals and slippers, bags, scarfs, pants, shirts, blouses, and wide skirts.
Actually I only bought four items.. a cotton loose mauve blouse (some kind of a short dress), a baggy dark brown pants, and another two items for next winter that were put on sale and were very very very tempting to buy!

The hunt was so short, coz I had my mom with me and we started shopping around 7:30 p.m. and bought some stuff for her and a pair of sandals for my bro.

Actually I still need to shop desperately... So I'll start my journey again this week and will continue until I finish my budget for this month, then I'll start again next month, until I have a respectable and enough provision in my wardrobe.

So what I'm working on now before going out for shopping again is some clear outs!
This means that I'm washing or dry cleaning all my winter clothes, cleaning the storage space in my wardrobe, counting all my summer clothes including PJs, Outerwear, sandals,...etc.
Then deciding which of my outerwear should go out to charity, which should be worn at home, or which should turn into dust cleaning materials (especially the cotton pieces).

I came around this amazing video on youtube about storing your winter clothes... hope you'd find it useful.
So I'll see you again this week to talk about the best stores here in Cairo, Egypt for this summer seasons, and what are the best bargains you can find... see ya:)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

When the going gets tough... celebrate!

It's been a long time since I've been here... it feels very comfy, as if I was at a faraway place and now I'm coming back home again:)

Well I'm having nowadays a very tough time dealing with my bosses at work.. Cairo office.. Dubai office... They're giving me such a bad time by not understanding the details of my work professionally, not appreciating the huge effort I'm exerting to make everything at it's best, and at the same time giving me negative and destructive comments and negative energy as well!!!

Well.. my time with my husband, is certainly the best thing that's keeping me out of that disappointing crap... and holding me back from wearing a saucepan on my head and wandering in the streets like a mad vagabond!

He celebrated my birthday last month which was on the 15th, in the best way I could ever imagined.. Flowers on my desk when I arrived at work... A big red teddy bear (Carte Blanche Trademark) which we both named (Morsi Zaza)... how cute... when I arrived at home.
And a fancy dinner at (Crepeaway), in which I got to order everything I like at any quantities and got the best dessert I'd ever tasted in years... something's called (James Brownie)... big chunks of hot fudge brownies with vanilla ice cream and warm caramel sauce.... mmmm tastey!

In addition to Ali's celebration of my birthday, I recieved a surprise party from my family at my grandma's home... my granny, mom, dad, my brothers, they all bought me a fruit and chocolate cake.. turned out the lights, and sang to me!!
And that was not just it... they amazed me with a new big (Sharp) microwave... something I wished to buy since I was married:)

Again... As march is the main month of our celebrations... my birthday.. mother's day.. our first date and the proposal... and certainly our anniversary.. We got to celebrate nearly every week!!

This year it was the second Anniversary.. and you know what!!!
It's still cozy and feels at ease when you can still celebrate and feel at wonderful spirits even when all you did on that day was eating pizza with sauce ranch and marinara dippings at home and watching a stupid horrible so-called-comedy movie... believe me it still felt great though:))

Also... One of the things that's distarcting me from my work's bad environment are the books I got read and finish since januaray... and the last one I've just finished tonight was (Twilight) by Stephanie Meyer... it's awesome really.. and I hope i'll get to write it's review soon... and watch the movie which I've been holding up myself to watch until I've read the novel!

Another thing is my diet.. which I started on the 1st of April, I'm still going on grilled and steamed food only.. no fried.. no soda... certainly no chocolate or desserts... and nibbling after 10 o'clock at night.

These are the things that makes me happy the most, and still feels good about myself... and as long as I and my loved ones are healthy and satisfied about life.. so .. certainly nothing else matters!!!

Find something.. anything to celebrate ... even when you think that life sucks... and certainly your boss sucks too... Celebrate life itself!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Good Night Oscars 2009... Amazing Night:)

Again from the back of the stage... came those stars to present us the best actresses...
(Sophia Lorren, shirley Maclain, Nicole Kidman, Marion Cotillard, and Halle Berry)... all stood up and went for a long and strong applause:)

The award went to... KATE WINSLET... in The Reader:))
she said about that fainting thing that penelope mentioned:))
and about the shampoo bottle that was in her bathroom when she was a kid in the shape of the oscar trophy... now it's not a shampoo bottle.
Kate could barely breathe and she tried to remember everyone to thank and give tributes.

And the one before the final.... The Best actor award... presented by star winners as well which are (sir Anthony Hopkins, Sir Ben Kingsly, Micheal Douglas, Adrian Brody, Robert Di Nero)... And Best Actor Award went to......

Be happy Gays.... it's Sean Penn for the second time in the academy history... playing Harvey Milk!!
Don't know why, but this reminds me somehow of the year when Brokeback mountain was nominted for some awards... a gay movie as well.

I like sean Penn's movies of course, but don't intend to watch this one... don't support it!
And what was the equal rights sean penn talked about in his speech?!!

Sean Penn also said: "I thank God that we live in a country that elected an elegant man

Finally, Steven Spielberg came up the stage to present the nominations for best Film and present the winner.... and the oscar goes to....

Now it feels like Mumbai not LA.... all the cast of the movie on stage.. feeling very happy and excited..
Hugh Jackman wishes all of you a good night... and me too I wish you a good morning... it's 7 in the morning here in cairo...I just need 1 hour sleep to be able to work today...

And ah... by the way... Fox movies is playing (Escape from the planet of the Apes) for the hundredth time really since 2008!!!
They choose starnge times to play it:)))
Bye for now:)

Slumdog Millionaire Rules them all

Back from my 5 minutes rest on my couch... still covering the oscars and covering myself as as well:)

It's time for one of fav. awards.. the best original score.... and the oscar goes to..... SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE... A.R. Rahman (I guess an indian muslim), which is someone to be proud of definitly:)

Then came of course, the best original song of this year's oscar... the nominations are two songs from slumdog millionaire and one song from wall-E.

To my amazement A.R. Rahman the composer... performed the two of them!
It was a show mixing indian art with western... a bollywood-hollywood union:)

The best song went to AGAIN A.R. Rahman and slumdog Millionaire... the song's called (JAI Ho).

If you missed Hugh Jackman... he's back again to present new presnters!
Liam Neeson and slumdog Millionaire's Frida Pinto.. who presented the best foreign movie which went to (Departures) from Japan.
You should listen to the director speaking english and expressing his happiness through his eyes, he really made me smile:)
And thanks God that it was enough for the Israeli movie (Waltz With Bashir) to grab a golden globe and leave the oscars alone... If the oscars went to supporting the gays and Israel in one party, that would've made my heart stop and bleed!!!

Queen Latifah is here with a bright royal blue dress to.... NO.. not to present, to sing!
Sing for those who passed away through the year... and finalised them with paul Newman... did they miss Bernie Mac.. or It just flipped me by?!! Never know!

Reese witherspoon is presenting now the best director Award.... and the oscar GOES to...
DANNY BOYLE... for Slumdog Millionaire... people I love that guy:)))
He's too joyful and fun to be a brit!

3 more awards to go... I just need an hour to sleep and go to work... and I'll continue from my office as soon as I get the time to write more about the oscars...

Watching commercials and be right back for the last time this morning:)

Lots of winners to Go & I'm waiting for my trophy!

Back again.. it's nearly reaching dawn here in Cairo, and I'm still awake watching:)

Here comes the best supporting Actor award... presented the same way as the best supporting actress award
The theater opened for (Alan Arkin, Kevin Klein, Christopher Walken, Cuba Gooding Jr., and Kevin Klein "who presented Heath Ledger as the Joker, with emotional way).... and of course the best Supporting Actor went to... as known from the begining to.... Heath Ledger... for his legandary role as the joker in The Dark Knight.

It was a very emotional moment... many people really and hardly held back thier tears!!!
His father, mother, and sister.. took the award on his (non-existant) behalf, and said they're here this night to celebrate his work:))

After all those tears and emotions, came the award for the best documentary Feature which went to... Man on Wire.
There was this nice man who was very thrilled(one of the makers), came running up the stage, just to say (YESSSSSSSSS), thank his wife, do a magic trick with a coin and hides it on his palm, and then holds the oscar trophy upwards on his mouth like circus clowns!!!!

Winners who always amazes us... what a reaction!

Then came the best short documentary which went to... Smile Pinki.

Another theme which is related with action came in short promo... Speed... speedy cars, crashes, falls, trains, planes, jumps... Thrilling promo!
You said the oscars could ever be boring?!!!

WWWWWWWOOOOOW oh my God.... my favourite host of the night.. Will smith:)))
Also with the best Tux of the night!

He presented the award of the best visual effects... which went to... The Curious case of Benjamin Button... yeah..third award... congrats:)

And also the best sound editing which went to.... WOW... my other favourite... THE DARK KNIGHT... so proud of Batman... good job bats:)

AOO.. will smith is still here to present the best sound mixing award which went to... Slumdog Millionaire.... there were three trophies .. one of them went to an indian called Resul who was very very touched and thanked his teachers and his country..India.

It's still Will Smith with the best film editing award which went to... Slumdog Millionaire... Indian Luck bets the Irish people!

From Will smith to Eddie Murphy... who'll give the Jean Hersholt Award to All time classic comedian.. Jerry Lewis:)
People all stood up, clapping and applausing strongly.

Oh... I'm feeling sleeeeeepy and can't believe I'll go to work just after 3 or 4 hours.... yuck!
I'll rest for 5 minutes and be right back.

Third time... OSCARS still rolling!

Best Romantic moments from movies of 2008... what a theme... believe me this never ever fails... a short movie bringing them all in a very romantic and sentimental shots.

OH MY GOD... this is Natalie Portman along with a disguising-with-a beard- ben stiller (which made him more like a Jew than he really is!).. presenting the best cinematography award.

The best Cinematography went to.... slumdog Millionaire... this movie is really lucky... don't know if it the Irish Luck or the Indian Luck!!

Jessica Biel presented the academy award for scientific and technical achievement... don't know what's that actually.. and the transmittion here I guess may be skipped something... don't know, but that's relly wiered!

A hillarious short movie.. mocking the movies nominated and other box office (non- nomintaed) comedy movies, made by Kimensky... lightened up the show a big deal:))))))

Then came the Live action short film award, that went to... Spielzeugland (Toyland).

Hugh came back again on stage... but this time along with the stunning Beyonce in Red showgirl costume singing together different songs from different historical musicals... with them Vanessa Hudgens and Zack Effron from High School Musical.
They all performed a medley of musicals in one... so catchy:)

I'll stretch my back and come back again... don't go... be right back:)

OSCARS from my Couch... back again with my Drink:)

Penelope was amazing... with her white-like- bride dress and her sexy way of speaking spanish...WOW.. makes me wanna learn it everyday!

what a new and always creative way to present awards...
Steve Martin and Tina Fay... with thier funny looks and speechless acts that brings hilarious laughs!
They presented both best screen writer and best adapted script.
The screenwriter who won is the one who wrote the movie (Milk)... and yes he's Gay, or how else would he be inspired people... I thank God we don't have Harvey Milk living among us... and don't consider me racist about my views of the Gays!!!... Coz Really I am!... I mean Racist when it comes to sexual deviance and that's not our issue here...

As for the best adapted script ... it went for (Slumdog Millionaire).

Here came Jack Black (one of fav. comedians) and Jennifer Aniston to present best animated movie and best short animation.
And the first award went to (WAll-E) as i guessed and wished for... thanx to Pixar:)
and the short animation award went to a movie called (La Maison En Petits Cubes) whose winner nearly spoke english and thanked everyone in his life... except maybe the one who ushered him to his seat!
Those who work in the animation field are always, humble, geniuosesss, and are subject to respect and admiration.. I guess the man deserved it.

The way the theatre is divided is exactly the way the movie goes... from paper.. to back stage.. and then to screen and audience!!

Sarah Jessica Parker and Daniel Carig presented the best Art Direction and Best Costume Design, and also best Make-Up.

The best Art Direction went to..... The Curious case of Benjamin Button:))) YEAAAAAAAAHHH.... a first award... yuuuuupiiiie:)

And the Best Costume Design went to..... The Duchess.

And the Best Make- up as I predicted from watching it for the first time... went to.... The Curious case of Benjamin Button..... yeaaaaaaaaahhhhhh. the second:)

Will be back again... need to drink... water people!

The Oscars LIVE from my couch!

This is one of my most private moments of the year... watching the oscars Live.. alone at my home, alone on my couch with my favourite mug of a any hot drink... wrapped in warm sheets waiting for my illusionary AWARD... for best supporting...watcher:))

Here we go after... after the amazing Red Carpet glamorous arrivals of the actors, actresses, directors, whole casts of the most wonderful and best movies of this year... I saw the best dresses ever... and also the worst... and to be honest there was nothing worst than Tilda Swinton's black dress last year!

The show is going on now with it's host for this year... Wolverine... yeah, it's Hugh Jackman.
He gave an amazing musical start using the help of the sweet Anne Hathaway sitting among the audience in the front seats.

Hugh was so light, funny, and easy going with all the stars... he made some jokes with Frank Langella from (Nixon/Frost),a dn also Mickry Rorck from (the Wrestler).

Here are the first Award to Go.... Appering from the back of the theatre... five of the best supporting actresses winners (Tilda swinton "with a dress even worst than that of last year"!!!, Anjelica Huoston, Goldie Hawn, Whoopi Goldberg, and

Best supporting Actress... and the oscar goes to....


Be back again people... will go to make a cup of my favourite hot peppermint and continue watching and blogging from my couch and infront of my new Ultra slim LG Tv... congratualte me later:)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tearing up my heart

It was always summer and the future called
We were ready for adventures and we wanted them all,
and there was so much left to dream,
and so much time to make it real

But it was long ago, and it was far away
Oh God, it seems so very far,
and if life is just a highway, then the soul is just a car

And objects in the rear view mirror may appear closer than they are
And objects in the rear view mirror may appear closer than they are

Those exact words from a song for meatloaf came to my mind early this morning, although I intended not to write anything about what I'm feeling since four days.

I had my holidays and feast vacation last week and it lasted for 10 days.
I wished to use that time to write some stuff here and post some book reviews, but I didn't fully enjoy my vacation, despite going out with friends, having dinner out, and laughing out loud at the movies... I tried to locate myself in different places, and my mind as well, but It kept thinking about one thing.... Nada's face.

Nada is one of my far relatives, but we were quite good friends when were very young, we were at the same school, and particularly she was with my brother at the very same class.

Nada passed away on the first day of feast in a car accident while going with her husband and baby girl to Sharm El-Sheik. Her Baby Girl Lobna and her husband are fine, but it was Nada who didn't make it, it was her fate to pass away after about 15 hours from the accident due to repercussions in her spleen and because of the usual unequipped hospitals in Egypt (thanx to Sharm el sheik Hospital's unfound equipments and medical ignorance of ER).

After all, it was God's will to take her soul at that very moment.
And as I try to think about it, I try to feel satisfaction, but it comes mixed with rage, agony, and shock.
I can't help but feel shocked, although the last time I saw Nada was about one year ago, but we used to talk, write comments on photos, and communicate through facebook.

I still can't erase Nada's pics from my mind, although she erased them from facebook two months ago.

I numbly attended her funeral and her burial watching huge amount of people, her friends, family, neighbors, and even teachers, all crying her and praying for her.

It tore up my heart when I saw her sweet angel daughter Lobna running, dancing and smiling, and don't understand or even know why all those people are dressed in black.
Lolo is still 1 year and three months old, she's so sweet and calm and always smiling just like her mom.

I saw her for the first time yesterday when I was visiting Nada's parents to console them after they returned from el-Haj.
Seeing Aunt Amani (Nada's mom) made me speechless throughout my 3 and a half hrs visit, I was scarcely holding my tears, seeing her pictures hanged all over the place... A large wedding picture, her graduation picture, and some of Lolo's pictures as well... all of that was stored in my mind till I got into the car on my way home and it played again and again and again.

I burst into tears throughout my way home, and when I started to sleep at night, it all came back to me, that I couldn't just stop crying my heart out until I slept.

I just can't forget her face and her sweet memory, she left good words and good deeds as well that'll be immortal.

I still remember when we used to play at each other's homes, go to the club along with our families, and attend so many occasions together.
Nada was a childhood friend... it was long ago, when we were still so very young and innocent and don't have any problems or anything to cry for except a broken toy or an unsolved homework.
There was still so much to dream of and so much to achieve, but God chose that time knowing that her time and message in life has been done.

she was always intelligent at school, an active and eminent student, and very decent as well.
Nada, the morning Dew, as her name means, was like a sweet dream, a breeze that came so soft, and went by so soft.
I think I'll never ever forget her, coz her loss at that young age and all of a sudden left a wound in my heart.
I'll always pray for little Lolo to be just like her mom, and I'll always pray for you Nada and wish from God that we'll meet again in Heaven ISA.

So... I won't say Goodbye, just... see you again, soon.

Monday, October 27, 2008

You're never forgiven!

In a certain and specific time throughout your life, Have you ever been hurt so bad that you felt very broken hearted, outcast, rejected, depressed, desperate, and longing that all of this would just disappear in a blink of a second?

You just wish you'll wake up one day... and feel a miracle when all of this has gone forever and for good.. the nightmare of even the slightest thought about it has disappeared and you'll start from ground zero, a new start, new heart, new brains, and new emotions.

Assume the miracle happens... it totally and effectively happens!
You'll thank God a lot for the gift of forgetting and pray that you'll be able to forgive as fast or as deep and serious as you forgot, but because true forgiveness is a rare virtue of the strongest and bravest of human beings... you didn't forgive!

There were many times you'll think because you totally forget, so you'll simultaneously and spontaneously forgive... but that's wrong, don't deceit yourself and convince it that you've done so, specially if the one who harmed you in the first place is a total screwed jerk and don't deserve but despise and degrade.

Believe me it's a blessing to forget, a curse not to forgive.
I totally forgot, but I'll never forgive!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Poverty in Egypt and what goes behind the scenes

You may be amazed by the enormous number of poor people living in Egypt, and that’s what you’ll find out in the formal statistics given by our government.

Believe me, reality is more catastrophic and the numbers are increasing not the opposite!

The standard of living here in Egypt, especially in the main cities like Cairo and Alexandria is becoming very high day after day and the government is not having an effective control over the prices.

Salaries and wages are very miserable and pathetic and nearly don’t cover buying a family’s monthly share of bread.

Poverty is the general word, but what goes under it is more than you can ever count.

Let’s start with the main needs of a human being and a respectable citizen in his country… Food and water.

There are still many villages that are not supplied with water pipes or even any source of clean water, as for the water in the main cities, it’s highly saturated with lead and high amount of chlorine that comes while filtering, and that makes it very unhealthy to drink or cook with directly from the tap.

So it’s only available for the rich and the upper middle class to have high quality filters at their homes or buy bottles of mineral water.

What goes for the water goes for the food.

People become very sick and may get cancer or other strange viruses (that are spread nowadays) due to the cheap and unhealthy kinds of food they get. There are chemicals found in the vegetables, other places sell rotten meat and chicken to the poor. That’s beside the bread that looks like the pill of aspirin, only the pill is cleaner, and the way people get bread is very humiliating and weary.

The second thing is Education and job vacancies.

Many kids get out of school and flee to work and support their families when they’re still very young and those are so many (countless), besides of course they have no qualifications that’ll help them find a good job in the future.

Even those who finish school and sometimes a two years or 4 years institution are given the low jobs and of course the very low salaries.

Third is housing, where more than 30 million poor people are living in a very small tin houses placed randomly all around the capital, Cairo in a very anarchistic way. They rarely get any kind of services which includes electricity, water, gas, transportation, and clean roads and sewage system.

One of the shocking examples are those people who were living in El-Doweiqua neighborhood over the Mokattam hill which collapsed over it’s residents killing most of them under the rocks last month.

Many people are living in the graveyard and have lived there all their lives as well.

The places where poverty is at its peak, the rate of crimes, murders, theft, and rape increases as well and ignorance makes people’s behavior less civilized and vagabond.

The images of poverty here in Egypt are countless; those were just a small sample of a numerous examples of the people’s sufferings.

So, not only to focus on that black image, I have to mention that many NGOs in the last 5 years whose work is based mainly for helping the poor is so much dependent on the efforts of young volunteers and the help of the civil society. They are widening their activities every year and needs participation everyday.

I will discuss later some of the ideas that encourage you start helping the poor and affecting their lives.

So what can a normal person do to help eliminating poverty in his country?!

Well, I guess first we have to be very aware of poor people around us. They’re increasing in our country, so if you visit places and neighborhoods where they live (But of course in groups, and in the morning), you can join volunteers in an organization or a charity group that serves the needs of the poor starting from food and supplies to education and better jobs. You’ll see what I’m talking about from the stories of the people themselves, from their faces and their words.

Finally, if the people here stopped cheating, lying, and stealing the country’s money. If everyone paid his/her duties towards his homeland and felt responsible for raising our nation. If everyone stopped throwing garbage in the street, respected the people whether poor or rich, and accomplished his/her work perfectly… we’ll live a better life and poverty will definitely come to an END!

P.S. I’ll search and put a list this weekend with all the NGOs that you can join here in Egypt, which are concerned with serving the poor.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Blog Action Day... Three Days to GO

This year I decided to participate in the Blog Action Day 2008.
Only three days to Go, and I'm still collecting all my thoughts and ideas of what I'm going to write concerning POVERTY on that day!!

How am I going to participate?!... Then I decided that figuring this out will take a lot of time, I'll just log in.. and write what I really feel, pour down all my ideas even if they're small, share my thoughts about poverty globally and locally.

So till I meet everybody on October the 15th to talk about poverty... Remember... Participate now.. sure you'll make a difference... you increase the number of people who wants to fight it and really make a change on that planet.

Watch that and ACT

Blog Action Day 2008 Poverty from Blog Action Day on Vimeo.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Turn your Lights Out!

I didn't write for a whole month now, being so busy in the month of Ramadan which I spent usually cooking, sleeping, or visiting my family and my In-laws.
Not so much work have I done nor even thought about... and then I've celebrated the feast last week (Eid El Fitr) for a whole week along with many of my family and friends... Had delicious meals, saw many movies, hanged out a lot, and had the utmost fun ever after breaking the fast for a whole month (from dusk till dawn).
Now it's time to turn back to work...home work, and writing work, although they weren't missed that much but that's the norm of life. Everything has to get back to where it was.

The one thing I'm going to miss the most is my Lantern.
I dreamt for so many years that someone can buy me my favourite shape of the colorful Ramadan Lantern, and it finally happened this year.
My Husband surprised me with one... so colorful, so delightful, and so (What I want)!
On the first day of Ramadan I lighted it on at dusk and turned it off at dawn, till the very last day I used to do so, and now I had to clean it, remove all the dust, cover it with plastic sheets and keep it till next year:(((

I'll miss it's light so much... My lantern is like a christams tree... feels so happy to buy and light and feels so sad when you have to remove it away.

Here are some pics for my beautiful Lantern... see you next year:))

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The egg and the Chick!!!

Yesterday I was sitting with my husband and my brother talking about everything and having some general chat, when they surprised me suddenly with that stupid, yet confusing question: "Hey Mariam, How do you know the difference between the egg with yolk and the egg with a chick?!"

Oh, my God... Really I never thought about it before, I can't even remember if we've studied it at school or not!!

YOU SHOULD ANSWER NOW.... niahahahaha:)))

They were extremely laughing, it's like the question: What came first, the egg or the Chicken?!

They were testing my info and they expect me to give the right answer, because my studies were scientific at high school, my major was chemistry and physics on the contrary my husband and my brother both majored in history and philosophy, so here it is an easy question to test the genius of the family!!!

My answer was simply: "I think they know it when they shake the egg, there's an egg that have a chick and another that have yolk".

Ali & Mohammad: "So Is it the same egg that the same chicken lay or different kind of eggs?"

Me: " I think the chicken lays different kind of eggs, or what else?!!!"

Mohammad: "Ohhhh, poooooooooooor mind".

And then Ali called cherine our friend and gave me the phone and told me to repeat my answer. when I did so, she was horribly laughing. They were betting on me to give the right answer, coz my studies were scientific, and here I failed.

Ali then said that fried chicken is the one that give eggs with yolk.

We burst laughing and we all concluded that chicken lay eggs, the farm man takes immediately the ones he'll sell to be eaten (Eggs with yolk) and leave the others under the chicken so they give chicks in the end... The yolk just turns into a chick... that's it!!

So do you think we're right?!
IS our conclusion stupid or is it nearly the truth?!
If you have an opinion, plz write me a comment.
Yolk or Chick!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

I've been hacked by ZOMBIES!!!

A few minutes ago, My Arabic blog has been hacked by my husband, my brother, and their friend and my colleague Ahmad ElQotb who helped in uploading that Hilarious Pic...

I gave my husband the permission to use my password to add a new banner for our friend Ahmad's new TV program... Then he and my brother cooporated and used that privilage against me.
They published thier picture as Two ZOMBIEFIED INVESTIGATORS who had just come out from the morgue in my fav. TV series CSI...

That's a lesson you'll learn... never trust ur hubby or siblings, never ever give them ur password, coz that's what they'll be doing in the end!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Back for Good

As I've promised myself before that I'll never ever turn my back on that blog... here I am, Back again!
It's been a very long time since I've written anything in here.

My blog has been dead and down for quiet a time, nearly three months. A lot has happened during that time, I've read lots of books that I'll review in the book cozy corner and hopefully will start doing it from next week InshaAllah.

I've also attended the Wikimania 2008 this year which is an annual gathering for those who are interested in the work of the wikimedia foundation, including the great wikipedia, of course. I've met lots of people there and had so much fun. I've visited my family at Alexandria, hanged out with my cousins, attended my young cousin's birthday, and a lot more.

I've written in a new magazine and had my work published this month.

I'm working on a new project, that I will reveal about later, when it's only suitable.

Also it's summer time and everybody's is having a bad time working in summer, and good time having vacation and heading to the sea or even a near pool.

I need to have my share of summer, before ramadan... And Ah, of course, I'm preparing for ramadan.... I need to clean my apartment, buy food and supplies for the month, read more Qur'an and pray more and more, and start to have that magical spiritual shift that takes place every year.

So until I come back again.. see ya in the next post... I'm finally Back For Good!!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Easter with my Husband

Today I celebrated Easter with my husband and his family…

Mom and dad are out of town. They headed to the north coast along with their friends for a couple of days. My brothers stayed with Granny at home, and I enjoyed the day at El-Ahly Gezira Club Down Town… where the atmosphere was cheerful, the weather’s warm and sunny, and the company was nice.

I remembered back in the days how we used to celebrate Easter all as one family… We had many customs and good habits…

We used to wake up early at 9:00 in the morning and find mom boiling us many eggs and prepared all the colors we can use to draw on our eggs… On one condition (We have to eat the eggs we’ve colored).

I always hated boiled eggs, but Easter Day is an exception… The colored egg looked so tempting and tasted delicious with salt and cumin, on a condition that the yolk has to be hard and well done.

I competed with Mohammad, my brother, on who’ll make the best drawing and colors on his egg. I usually drew a clown or a man with a very big mustache or a blond girl with heavy make-up… I really can’t remember why I was influenced by those three drawings?!
Sometimes I ask my mom to make me a drawing or a shape, and this used to make me soooo happy. And sometimes my brother Mohammad let me draw for him.

After we finish coloring, drawing, and eating, we wash up and put on our summer colorful clothes and head to (El-Mokkatam) hill.

It used to feel so dizzy and frightening to see our car moving up so close to the cliff, but even though, we used to enjoy watching Cairo from the top in that pure and warm weather.

We probably go to El Galaa Club afterwards which was near to our old apartment at Heliopolis, or go to visit grandma and grandpa and eat salted fish, sardine, and anchovies with tomatoes and onions.

As for Easter Celebrations at our school, we used to make cards and draw colored eggs and bunnies… I sucked at drawing bunnies.. and I still suck.
But Mom was very happy with my cards and my drawings, that she’s hanged them on the fridge.

Those memories though they seem so far, but they still are very clear in my head and make me so happy and eager to have the same customs with my future kids:)))

Friday, April 25, 2008

The swing

Sometimes I feel life is like a swing… It goes up high, then it goes down… then it stops, all so quickly.

In order to move it again you need to push hard… either you’ll need the help of somebody, or try to move your shoulders back and fro hard in order to feel the motion again.
I never thought about that when I was a kid, swinging was so much fun and so was life. But when I got older… I could never find the place where they allow big girls my age to swing or to enjoy life!!
I need to swing like I did before… but it’s a dream of course.

It was a time of freedom, no responsibilities.

No one to judge you or judge your actions, No worries about money, the end of the month, paying the bills and the installments… Thinking about cooking, cleaning, working, finishing my articles, taking a day off to spend it only with my husband, organizing the budget, shopping for groceries, ironing our clothes…

Thinking about our ups and downs, good days and bad days, people we should pay visits, family and friends events… OH, MY GOD… Do I think that much?!

I wish I had a swing to put it in my garden in the backyard… I wish I had a garden and a backyard actually… and a big house of course…

I really need to find a swing which could take my age and my weight (I’m fit and not fat at all)…
I need to energize and revive that feeling when I was young… So if anyone knows where can I find a swing (FOR ADULTS) here around Cairo… please tell me.

I need to swing to throw all the heavy stuff and bad memories off my shoulders… I need to swing to feel fun, fabulous, and free again.