Sunday, April 19, 2009

Too Tight... Too Overworn

Two weeks ago I discovered the dilemma of the season!!!
All my summer and spring clothes became either too tight (despite the diet I'm following nowadays), or too much overworn that it looked crappy as if it has just come from between a wild dog's teeth!!!

I decided to rebel.. and started the hunt for new clothes yesterday... comfortable sandals and slippers, bags, scarfs, pants, shirts, blouses, and wide skirts.
Actually I only bought four items.. a cotton loose mauve blouse (some kind of a short dress), a baggy dark brown pants, and another two items for next winter that were put on sale and were very very very tempting to buy!

The hunt was so short, coz I had my mom with me and we started shopping around 7:30 p.m. and bought some stuff for her and a pair of sandals for my bro.

Actually I still need to shop desperately... So I'll start my journey again this week and will continue until I finish my budget for this month, then I'll start again next month, until I have a respectable and enough provision in my wardrobe.

So what I'm working on now before going out for shopping again is some clear outs!
This means that I'm washing or dry cleaning all my winter clothes, cleaning the storage space in my wardrobe, counting all my summer clothes including PJs, Outerwear, sandals,...etc.
Then deciding which of my outerwear should go out to charity, which should be worn at home, or which should turn into dust cleaning materials (especially the cotton pieces).

I came around this amazing video on youtube about storing your winter clothes... hope you'd find it useful.
So I'll see you again this week to talk about the best stores here in Cairo, Egypt for this summer seasons, and what are the best bargains you can find... see ya:)


nourita said...

i'd like to start the hunt as well
but lacking time & energy

Mariam said...

May be I'll write some shopping tips for you next time.
But you have to know... When it comes to shopping... when there's a will... there's absolutely a way:))