Thursday, April 16, 2009

When the going gets tough... celebrate!

It's been a long time since I've been here... it feels very comfy, as if I was at a faraway place and now I'm coming back home again:)

Well I'm having nowadays a very tough time dealing with my bosses at work.. Cairo office.. Dubai office... They're giving me such a bad time by not understanding the details of my work professionally, not appreciating the huge effort I'm exerting to make everything at it's best, and at the same time giving me negative and destructive comments and negative energy as well!!!

Well.. my time with my husband, is certainly the best thing that's keeping me out of that disappointing crap... and holding me back from wearing a saucepan on my head and wandering in the streets like a mad vagabond!

He celebrated my birthday last month which was on the 15th, in the best way I could ever imagined.. Flowers on my desk when I arrived at work... A big red teddy bear (Carte Blanche Trademark) which we both named (Morsi Zaza)... how cute... when I arrived at home.
And a fancy dinner at (Crepeaway), in which I got to order everything I like at any quantities and got the best dessert I'd ever tasted in years... something's called (James Brownie)... big chunks of hot fudge brownies with vanilla ice cream and warm caramel sauce.... mmmm tastey!

In addition to Ali's celebration of my birthday, I recieved a surprise party from my family at my grandma's home... my granny, mom, dad, my brothers, they all bought me a fruit and chocolate cake.. turned out the lights, and sang to me!!
And that was not just it... they amazed me with a new big (Sharp) microwave... something I wished to buy since I was married:)

Again... As march is the main month of our celebrations... my birthday.. mother's day.. our first date and the proposal... and certainly our anniversary.. We got to celebrate nearly every week!!

This year it was the second Anniversary.. and you know what!!!
It's still cozy and feels at ease when you can still celebrate and feel at wonderful spirits even when all you did on that day was eating pizza with sauce ranch and marinara dippings at home and watching a stupid horrible so-called-comedy movie... believe me it still felt great though:))

Also... One of the things that's distarcting me from my work's bad environment are the books I got read and finish since januaray... and the last one I've just finished tonight was (Twilight) by Stephanie Meyer... it's awesome really.. and I hope i'll get to write it's review soon... and watch the movie which I've been holding up myself to watch until I've read the novel!

Another thing is my diet.. which I started on the 1st of April, I'm still going on grilled and steamed food only.. no fried.. no soda... certainly no chocolate or desserts... and nibbling after 10 o'clock at night.

These are the things that makes me happy the most, and still feels good about myself... and as long as I and my loved ones are healthy and satisfied about life.. so .. certainly nothing else matters!!!

Find something.. anything to celebrate ... even when you think that life sucks... and certainly your boss sucks too... Celebrate life itself!


nourita said...

Happy birthday

Mariam said...

Thanks Dear:)

Hoda Mourad said...

Im so proud of you sweet mariuma coz you have an interreting way of writing and you could make your reader feels every word