Thursday, December 31, 2009

Final conclusion of 2009

As usual at the end of every year, I sit alone with myself to make my amends.
State my good deeds, my faults and flaws (which are more all the time), new friends I've made, people I've lost, and events taking place around me.

And so I came up with the the conclusion that 2009 was my worst year ever when it comes for my career and dreams!
All my achievements were temporary consumerism which provided me temporary happiness and satisfaction!

- I made lots of shopping, consumed lots of materialistic things.

- Lost lots of people and discovered the real monstrous and deceitful faces of others.

- Lost contact nearly with my best friend ever Fatema (and now I know nearly nothing about her!) as she don't answer back any of my msgs or phone calls and moved to a new place which I know nothing about!

- Got fired from my work in the most humiliating way ever, after a very mean conspiracy behind my back to kick me out as soon as possible.

- Worked with many double-faced people, social and position climbers, and Ass kissers!

- Lost my self-esteem and got nothing to boost my ego.

- Can't trust myself to write again or search for a job or a place to write, I;m not sure I'll be good!

- Did not conceive a baby yet (the thing that I'm not worried about, but this year it's been very stressful with all the picky and curious people asking about the reasons and demanding we should have one!!!), and I don't like people taking control of my life and my decisions and after all God's will.

- Lost my favorite and expensive Benetton wallet somewhere:(

- gained weight and couldn't keep on dieting.

So after all of that mess... I can't stop but hope that 2010 will be better InshaAllah, and the best thing that every new year I gain some new and good friends indeed (not be totally unfair to 2009).

I'd like to thank those who stood by me in my toughest time without even asking, judging me, or even knowing me that much.... Sonia, Muhammad Labib, Mayada, and Deco.... thanks people for standing by my side and caring, and thanks for giving me the best times and outings:)

It seems that I hate odd numbers... so 2010 is a time to make everything even and to start searching for my lost self again.

Let the quest begin...

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gently mad in cairo said...

Mariam, finally I reach your blog!! Too bad that the first post I read is such a sad one. ربنا يعوضك خير عن كل ما افتقدتيه Insha'Allah 2010 will be a great year for you.