Monday, March 8, 2010

Red Carpet.. Just the Entrance!

Here I go again like every year!
It's Live and Exclusive on FoxMovies Channel for you all.. middle eastern viewers.
It's the time of the Oscars and my private time of the year, where I get to have a special time for myself indulging in a bulgy slice of pizza and a big bottle of Pepsi.. lying comfortably on my couch and trying to sate my eyes of all the beauty and Glamor that's hitting the Red Carpet and heading towards the Kodak Theater.

So here I write my notes and thoughts about dresses and Appearances on the Red Carpet, just before the show starts:

- Mariah Carey's Royal Navy Blue rocks, but she seems to get older, although she's only 40!
- Amanda Seyfried's dress is really so delicate... can go great for a bride as well.
- James Cameron's wife is wearing a blue dress that won on a contest for raising money to their new Environmental Center.
- I love Sigourney Weaver's dress... A red roman style with a black ribbon and bow under the chest.. that woman never looks old.. WOW!
- Sandra Bullock's Dress is too much.. the hair-do is nice and simple and the lipstick is somehow too much colorful , but she's modest when it comes to her best actress nomination!
- Vera Farmiga looks very luscious in a vivid fuchsia unusual dress:)
- It seems Zoe Saldana has a fluffy blanket attached to her dress.. good color and bad material!
- What the hell is wrong with Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick... she's looks pale and he looks damn old, and not because she's wearing a Chanel.. we have to love it!
- George Clooney is waving and smiling for the swarming people and crowd shouting for him... that man's so down to earth when it come to his fans... he's holding a pen in his hand.. yaaay:)... and Oh.. a new hot girl friend in a red dress for this year:)
- Matt Damon and his shy wife Luciana shine for the first time together on the red carpet.
- It seems all the (Precious) girls are dressed in blue tonight... Literally!
- Anna Kendrick is a cute young woman and her pink dress shines out glamorously.. She's the reason I loved (Up in the Air).
- Meryl Streep... that woman's never old.. No wrinkles anywhere, no bent shoulders and definitely no plastic doll looks:)
-George clooney's still running beside the fence waving for his fans, sending them kisses, and doing funny moves:))
- Queen Latifah's best look ever!
- On a second thought and because I'm so very schizophrenic... I love Sandra Bullock's looks!
- I hate Zac Efron.. so fake (sorry Zac fans):(
- JLo... she never skips fashion, elegance, or being suave.
- I don't know why people love Sarah Jessica's Parker dress.... why people why?!!!

Okay.. here they go in.. Let the Party Begins!

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