Friday, April 25, 2008

The swing

Sometimes I feel life is like a swing… It goes up high, then it goes down… then it stops, all so quickly.

In order to move it again you need to push hard… either you’ll need the help of somebody, or try to move your shoulders back and fro hard in order to feel the motion again.
I never thought about that when I was a kid, swinging was so much fun and so was life. But when I got older… I could never find the place where they allow big girls my age to swing or to enjoy life!!
I need to swing like I did before… but it’s a dream of course.

It was a time of freedom, no responsibilities.

No one to judge you or judge your actions, No worries about money, the end of the month, paying the bills and the installments… Thinking about cooking, cleaning, working, finishing my articles, taking a day off to spend it only with my husband, organizing the budget, shopping for groceries, ironing our clothes…

Thinking about our ups and downs, good days and bad days, people we should pay visits, family and friends events… OH, MY GOD… Do I think that much?!

I wish I had a swing to put it in my garden in the backyard… I wish I had a garden and a backyard actually… and a big house of course…

I really need to find a swing which could take my age and my weight (I’m fit and not fat at all)…
I need to energize and revive that feeling when I was young… So if anyone knows where can I find a swing (FOR ADULTS) here around Cairo… please tell me.

I need to swing to throw all the heavy stuff and bad memories off my shoulders… I need to swing to feel fun, fabulous, and free again.

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