Monday, April 28, 2008

Easter with my Husband

Today I celebrated Easter with my husband and his family…

Mom and dad are out of town. They headed to the north coast along with their friends for a couple of days. My brothers stayed with Granny at home, and I enjoyed the day at El-Ahly Gezira Club Down Town… where the atmosphere was cheerful, the weather’s warm and sunny, and the company was nice.

I remembered back in the days how we used to celebrate Easter all as one family… We had many customs and good habits…

We used to wake up early at 9:00 in the morning and find mom boiling us many eggs and prepared all the colors we can use to draw on our eggs… On one condition (We have to eat the eggs we’ve colored).

I always hated boiled eggs, but Easter Day is an exception… The colored egg looked so tempting and tasted delicious with salt and cumin, on a condition that the yolk has to be hard and well done.

I competed with Mohammad, my brother, on who’ll make the best drawing and colors on his egg. I usually drew a clown or a man with a very big mustache or a blond girl with heavy make-up… I really can’t remember why I was influenced by those three drawings?!
Sometimes I ask my mom to make me a drawing or a shape, and this used to make me soooo happy. And sometimes my brother Mohammad let me draw for him.

After we finish coloring, drawing, and eating, we wash up and put on our summer colorful clothes and head to (El-Mokkatam) hill.

It used to feel so dizzy and frightening to see our car moving up so close to the cliff, but even though, we used to enjoy watching Cairo from the top in that pure and warm weather.

We probably go to El Galaa Club afterwards which was near to our old apartment at Heliopolis, or go to visit grandma and grandpa and eat salted fish, sardine, and anchovies with tomatoes and onions.

As for Easter Celebrations at our school, we used to make cards and draw colored eggs and bunnies… I sucked at drawing bunnies.. and I still suck.
But Mom was very happy with my cards and my drawings, that she’s hanged them on the fridge.

Those memories though they seem so far, but they still are very clear in my head and make me so happy and eager to have the same customs with my future kids:)))


PrInCeSS BeRy said...

first i loveed this blog so much
and english also so about easter the most important thing on it was the loving family and the part about u and ur mom and the drew things i loved ur family coz they are loving and love each other but i dont have tita to go for god took her back

thax for this easter i lived on it till the end

Mariam said...

Dear Princess Bery,

I'm so glad you like my blog and so happy that you loved the post about easter and it touched you... Hope you could follow up with the next posts.
I've just saw your blog, it's nice.. keep on writing more:))