Monday, August 11, 2008

I've been hacked by ZOMBIES!!!

A few minutes ago, My Arabic blog has been hacked by my husband, my brother, and their friend and my colleague Ahmad ElQotb who helped in uploading that Hilarious Pic...

I gave my husband the permission to use my password to add a new banner for our friend Ahmad's new TV program... Then he and my brother cooporated and used that privilage against me.
They published thier picture as Two ZOMBIEFIED INVESTIGATORS who had just come out from the morgue in my fav. TV series CSI...

That's a lesson you'll learn... never trust ur hubby or siblings, never ever give them ur password, coz that's what they'll be doing in the end!!!


مصـ( الخير )ـعب said...


Hossam said...

what the hell ur family did
this is a penetrating for copy rights and privacy policy
this is not from thier right to hack ur blog
u must scold them
this is not funny at all
c u dear and am waiting for ur next arabic blog
c u