Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The egg and the Chick!!!

Yesterday I was sitting with my husband and my brother talking about everything and having some general chat, when they surprised me suddenly with that stupid, yet confusing question: "Hey Mariam, How do you know the difference between the egg with yolk and the egg with a chick?!"

Oh, my God... Really I never thought about it before, I can't even remember if we've studied it at school or not!!

YOU SHOULD ANSWER NOW.... niahahahaha:)))

They were extremely laughing, it's like the question: What came first, the egg or the Chicken?!

They were testing my info and they expect me to give the right answer, because my studies were scientific at high school, my major was chemistry and physics on the contrary my husband and my brother both majored in history and philosophy, so here it is an easy question to test the genius of the family!!!

My answer was simply: "I think they know it when they shake the egg, there's an egg that have a chick and another that have yolk".

Ali & Mohammad: "So Is it the same egg that the same chicken lay or different kind of eggs?"

Me: " I think the chicken lays different kind of eggs, or what else?!!!"

Mohammad: "Ohhhh, poooooooooooor mind".

And then Ali called cherine our friend and gave me the phone and told me to repeat my answer. when I did so, she was horribly laughing. They were betting on me to give the right answer, coz my studies were scientific, and here I failed.

Ali then said that fried chicken is the one that give eggs with yolk.

We burst laughing and we all concluded that chicken lay eggs, the farm man takes immediately the ones he'll sell to be eaten (Eggs with yolk) and leave the others under the chicken so they give chicks in the end... The yolk just turns into a chick... that's it!!

So do you think we're right?!
IS our conclusion stupid or is it nearly the truth?!
If you have an opinion, plz write me a comment.
Yolk or Chick!!!

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