Sunday, August 10, 2008

Back for Good

As I've promised myself before that I'll never ever turn my back on that blog... here I am, Back again!
It's been a very long time since I've written anything in here.

My blog has been dead and down for quiet a time, nearly three months. A lot has happened during that time, I've read lots of books that I'll review in the book cozy corner and hopefully will start doing it from next week InshaAllah.

I've also attended the Wikimania 2008 this year which is an annual gathering for those who are interested in the work of the wikimedia foundation, including the great wikipedia, of course. I've met lots of people there and had so much fun. I've visited my family at Alexandria, hanged out with my cousins, attended my young cousin's birthday, and a lot more.

I've written in a new magazine and had my work published this month.

I'm working on a new project, that I will reveal about later, when it's only suitable.

Also it's summer time and everybody's is having a bad time working in summer, and good time having vacation and heading to the sea or even a near pool.

I need to have my share of summer, before ramadan... And Ah, of course, I'm preparing for ramadan.... I need to clean my apartment, buy food and supplies for the month, read more Qur'an and pray more and more, and start to have that magical spiritual shift that takes place every year.

So until I come back again.. see ya in the next post... I'm finally Back For Good!!!


STeeL BeaUtY said...

thx u

good Blog

Mariam said...

you're most welcome.
Thanx for ur visit, and plz pass by every now and then:)