Thursday, October 9, 2008

Turn your Lights Out!

I didn't write for a whole month now, being so busy in the month of Ramadan which I spent usually cooking, sleeping, or visiting my family and my In-laws.
Not so much work have I done nor even thought about... and then I've celebrated the feast last week (Eid El Fitr) for a whole week along with many of my family and friends... Had delicious meals, saw many movies, hanged out a lot, and had the utmost fun ever after breaking the fast for a whole month (from dusk till dawn).
Now it's time to turn back to work...home work, and writing work, although they weren't missed that much but that's the norm of life. Everything has to get back to where it was.

The one thing I'm going to miss the most is my Lantern.
I dreamt for so many years that someone can buy me my favourite shape of the colorful Ramadan Lantern, and it finally happened this year.
My Husband surprised me with one... so colorful, so delightful, and so (What I want)!
On the first day of Ramadan I lighted it on at dusk and turned it off at dawn, till the very last day I used to do so, and now I had to clean it, remove all the dust, cover it with plastic sheets and keep it till next year:(((

I'll miss it's light so much... My lantern is like a christams tree... feels so happy to buy and light and feels so sad when you have to remove it away.

Here are some pics for my beautiful Lantern... see you next year:))

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