Monday, October 27, 2008

You're never forgiven!

In a certain and specific time throughout your life, Have you ever been hurt so bad that you felt very broken hearted, outcast, rejected, depressed, desperate, and longing that all of this would just disappear in a blink of a second?

You just wish you'll wake up one day... and feel a miracle when all of this has gone forever and for good.. the nightmare of even the slightest thought about it has disappeared and you'll start from ground zero, a new start, new heart, new brains, and new emotions.

Assume the miracle happens... it totally and effectively happens!
You'll thank God a lot for the gift of forgetting and pray that you'll be able to forgive as fast or as deep and serious as you forgot, but because true forgiveness is a rare virtue of the strongest and bravest of human beings... you didn't forgive!

There were many times you'll think because you totally forget, so you'll simultaneously and spontaneously forgive... but that's wrong, don't deceit yourself and convince it that you've done so, specially if the one who harmed you in the first place is a total screwed jerk and don't deserve but despise and degrade.

Believe me it's a blessing to forget, a curse not to forgive.
I totally forgot, but I'll never forgive!


Wish I were a Butterfly ... said...

I guess I forgive most of the time!! I know it's not always the bestthing to do, but I actually prefer to forgive& forget. Yet I never forget the situation itself coz I don't like being hurt twice.

I liked ur words a lot :). Actually enjoyed reading many of ur posts specially "The Swing".

Best regards to you& ur amusing useful blog :).

Mariam said...

Thank you so much Butterfly:)))
It's better of course both to forgive and forget... but forgiveness depends the most on how deep is your wound? and how have you been hurt?
Believe me, I forgive a lot, but only remains one person I'll never ever will... I tried and I've prayed to... but it's not always that simple.
Glad you like my posts:))

Ghazzawi said...

Dear Mariam,

Most of the timrs it is very difficult to forgivr and to forget
but the main issue even if you forgive or forget never forget the lesson tought from your bad experience,good bless you.

uncle Hossam El Ghazzawi