Monday, February 23, 2009

Good Night Oscars 2009... Amazing Night:)

Again from the back of the stage... came those stars to present us the best actresses...
(Sophia Lorren, shirley Maclain, Nicole Kidman, Marion Cotillard, and Halle Berry)... all stood up and went for a long and strong applause:)

The award went to... KATE WINSLET... in The Reader:))
she said about that fainting thing that penelope mentioned:))
and about the shampoo bottle that was in her bathroom when she was a kid in the shape of the oscar trophy... now it's not a shampoo bottle.
Kate could barely breathe and she tried to remember everyone to thank and give tributes.

And the one before the final.... The Best actor award... presented by star winners as well which are (sir Anthony Hopkins, Sir Ben Kingsly, Micheal Douglas, Adrian Brody, Robert Di Nero)... And Best Actor Award went to......

Be happy Gays.... it's Sean Penn for the second time in the academy history... playing Harvey Milk!!
Don't know why, but this reminds me somehow of the year when Brokeback mountain was nominted for some awards... a gay movie as well.

I like sean Penn's movies of course, but don't intend to watch this one... don't support it!
And what was the equal rights sean penn talked about in his speech?!!

Sean Penn also said: "I thank God that we live in a country that elected an elegant man

Finally, Steven Spielberg came up the stage to present the nominations for best Film and present the winner.... and the oscar goes to....

Now it feels like Mumbai not LA.... all the cast of the movie on stage.. feeling very happy and excited..
Hugh Jackman wishes all of you a good night... and me too I wish you a good morning... it's 7 in the morning here in cairo...I just need 1 hour sleep to be able to work today...

And ah... by the way... Fox movies is playing (Escape from the planet of the Apes) for the hundredth time really since 2008!!!
They choose starnge times to play it:)))
Bye for now:)


علي عبد المنعم said...

Well Done Mariam
Nice and real live (comfy) coverage.. (we kolo befloosy)
begad nice coverage, I think all you need now to summarize up all the results in one post or please highlight the winners in your already published posts, cos the one who didn't catch your live coverage will get lost if they try to know the winners... did you get me?

Thanks my great lovely wife for your amazing posts!

Hoda Mourad said...

Great Description Mariuma.
You could make me inside the event, although I'm not interested in the oscars.

I hope you could sleep more hours before going to work.

good luck my sweet daughter.

Thisishollywood said...

Extremely amazing night. The 2011 Academy Awards will be here before you known it.