Monday, March 8, 2010

The Oscars 2010... it's Shooow Tiiime!

I don't know why I'm such an enthusiast when it comes to the Oscars... it tempts my fingers to run through my keyboard texting, smsing, tweeting, commenting, and blogging!
It just raises my appetite for writing like a maniac.. and I can't find a way till now to stop that or even find a good and sensible reason for it!
So for all of you who'd love to read some Oscar notes and thoughts other than critical reviews and complicated demagogues interviews.. here you are and hope you'll like it!

- Yeah... The Brangelina are missing this year!
- No Pregnant stars as well:)
- I loved animated feature movie characters talking about themselves like movie stars... So adorable and as usual a new trend.
- Sarah Jessica Parker was chewing a gum in a very trashy way!
- Macaulay Culkin... WOW it's been more than 15 years since Home Alone... He's grown into an adult.. I mean he's not a kid anymore!
- I hate it when there's more than a winner on the same Category and Only time for one of them to speak!
- Ben Stiller and his new Avatar looks ROCKS (he's the got the whole package.. the tail, the blue body and the Navi Language)... he presented the best make-up of course and he was way too funny:))
- Monique thanked the Academy coz this time they gave the award for the performance and not for the politics.
- A short hilarious spoof of (Paranormal Activity) with Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin as actors was shown.
- My favorite movie stars Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner showed us A Horrific Horror Movies Medley.... and guess who was the most amused?!... yeah.. TARANTINO who gave a really good applause.
- Awfully Noticeable... Farah Fawcett was not mentioned in the death tributes.. how stupid of them?!
- The Dance Show that presented the theme music (the original score) was extra terrific.
- George Clooney was moving his head back and fro to the famous Oscars Theme:)
- Why are we obliged to see Israel every year now in the best foreign language film category?!!! Thank God it didn't grab it this time like it did last year.. and not to be rated racist or against the bla bla blas.. I reject a terrorizing Zionist Entity from being chosen yet nominated!!
- Oprah presented Gabourey Sidibe for her nomination... it was very very touching.
- Sandra Bullock said it all... She's got the looks, the dress, the talent, the performance, and the Best leading Role Award... WOW!
- For the first time in the history of the Academy Awards a woman grabs the best director award.. way to go Kathryn Bigelow.. People just like you make us proud being women.
- Tom Hanks at last presented the Best Motion Picture Award in like 3 seconds with no intros at all and it went to (The Hurt Locker) which grabbed 6 awards out of 9 nominations tonight!

So for you all who've been counting the awards...

The winners are:

- Christoph Waltz (Best supporting Actor - Inglourious Basterds).
- UP (Best Animated Feature Film).
- The Weary Kind (Best Original Song - Theme Song from Crazy Heart).
-The Hurt Locker (Best Original Screen Play).
- Logorama (Best Animated Short Film).
- Music by Prudence (Best Documentary Short Film).
- The New Tenants (Best Live Action Short Film).
- Star Trek (Best Makeup).
- Precious (Best Adapted Screen Play).
- Monique (Best Supporting Actress - Precious).
- Avatar (Best Art Direction).
- The Young Victoria (Best Costume Design).
- The Hurt Locker (Best Sound Editing).
- The Hurt Locker (Best Sound Mixing).
- Avatar (Best Cinematography).
-UP (Best Original Score).
- Avatar (Best Visual Effects).
- The Cove (Best Documentary Feature).
- The Hurt Locker (Best Film Editing).
- The Secret in their Eyes (Best Foreign Language Film - Argentina).
- Jeff Bridges (Best Actor in a Leading Role - Crazy Heart).
- Sandra Bullock (Best Actress in a Leading Role - The Blind Side).
- Kathryn Bigelow (Best Director - The Hurt Locker).
- The Hurt Locker (Best Motion Picture).

See you all next year... Goodbye and Goodnight:)


gently mad in cairo said...

Unlike you, I've never gotten into the Oscars hype. I simply don't care about it to even check who won what. BUT, I am very happy to see anything that gets your fingers working again. Keep it up ya Mariam, I want to read more of your writing!

- Marwa (stupid Blogger won't allow me to sign in with my Wordpress account!)

Mariam said...

Marwa... Thanks a lot for your positive push... As you've seen it's something light to fire me up and maybe I can just blog after all and come out from my cocoon!

Thanks a lot... I really needed that, you can be critical if you want... I need that too:)

Black Cat said...

Hi, just came across your interesting blog through Googling "sudden blackouts". Did you ever find out what caused them for you? This has just happened to me and I fell down the stairs, fortunately only sustaining a few bruises and a fright!

Like Marwa, I'm not into all that Oscar stuff, but I know it's a bit of fun and I do like to see all the designer dresses! :)

Mariam said...

Hey Black Cat,
Glad you came across my blog:)

You were asking about the sudden blackouts..

Well, that used to happen 3 years ago in 2007 and it lasted with me for whole 8 months.
It used to cause me bruises as well, coz I'd fallen down wherever I am, unless my husband, my friends, or anyone around catch me.

I went to three neurologists and they all asked for an MRI scan and some brain tests and they all turned out negative.
So they said it's mostly psychological due to huge stress and that can increase my tendency to having epilepsy!!

The neurologist prescribed me (Depakine)which I took for whole three months and since then those blackouts like they came out of the blues... disappeared!

So, first you need to take those sudden blackouts very very seriously and go visit a good neurologist and make some tests to make sure it's not something physical after all...

Wish you all the best and please let me know your progress in that... it's good to have someone to support you:)

Take care:)