Thursday, May 31, 2007

You Brought Me Flowers

Actually what I'll talk about is of more concern to women, ladies, and girls more than to men and guys... It's flowers... not buying them .. or smelling them... or even eating them (Some really do) ... but recieving flowers!!!

What does it feel to get flowers in the least expected way or place or from the least expected person or on the least expected time?!!!

That's what happened with me today... After all that time I recieved a flower bouquet at my office... I was sitting listening to the song (Over the Rainbow) by Harry Nielsson when all of a sudden a boy came with an awesome and heart-catching flower bouquet... I thought at the begining he got in wrong .. but he said "Mariam Al Mo3tassem".... "Yess"... "This is for YOU".... "ME!!! ... Thank You"...!!!

I was very stunned and surprised.. I found My husband's name on the receit and in between the stems a small card with wonderful and touching words...

Actually this turned my whole day upside down ... you can't imagine how it feels to recieve flowers from someone you love at your office, in the middle of the day and the middle of your stuffed and loaded work...!!!

Oh, Thanks God... It feels sooooo Good!!

I felt extremely happy the whole day... And I wrote this, not to talk about me, my huband, and our personal life... but to tell people not to forget such sweet touches in thier lives...

Believe me... Women appreciate one flower more than a fancy dinner outside (not that I'd refuse a fancy dinner of course:))!!)... So put flowers in consideration and make someone you love so happy...

By the way the flowers are White, blue, Lilac, and yellow ... a beautiful summer collection really...

Thank you for bringing me flowers ... I love them so much.

Monday, May 28, 2007

The Fly Must Die

There are so many things that can drive you mad while you're in the middle of your work.

For Example, Very bad weather with a broken AC, lights going off, a demanding boss who wants to meet you every ten minutes so you won't be able to continue half a task in your whole day.

But the worst thing of all, is a buzzing... sticky... dirty..... FLY!!!

That Fly had been staying in our office since yesterday. Nermine tried to do many things since then but it all failed, since the fly went mad and started to hit the neon light bulbs in a hysterical manner. Actually it's very stupid because we're not locking it inside. The door is open and the funniest of all we already have a broken glass window that can let a Wolf dog out not a tiny fly..!!

Today we were all complaining from that same fly, (Me, Nermine, and Hadeel), who supposedly took our office as her all-time shelter or a summer house maybe!!

We discovered that we stayed about 5 hours saying "Heeeeeeeeesh hesh hesh hesh" and calling it bad names and cursing the day it decided to enter our office.

Then Nermine decided we should turn the lights of our room off and switch off all the monitors and go outside. Actually we stayed out for about 15 minutes thinking that it's a "chicken" Fly that'll "fly" once it's in the darkness ... at least out of fear!!

When we came back thinking it had all gone... We started hearing the buzz again... and that was when I made up my mind ... either me or this mean fly in the office today!!

I grabbed a kids color book and started haunting the fly until (out of it's bad luck) it stood still on my desk... then "Tssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh" it's dead!!!

Oh God It's dead!!

See how something innocent like a kids color book can kill something mean like that fly..!!!

Now we can work in peace... pheeeww...!

We stayed for one hour like that and then all of a sudden we heard the same sound ... and a small fly then appeared... "That's for my mama bloody humans!!!"... I think that's what it would have said if it spoke...!!!

The daughter's "FLY" vengeance will be cruel and harsh ... it's buzzing now and showing us it's tongue ... But we'll prove that we're much harsher... we're fly killers you stupid fly ... and I swear if you insist to take revenge we'll kill your whole family!!!

Say Goodbye to the world fly ... coz you're about to die ... Niahahahahahahahahahahaha:)

Sunday, May 20, 2007

This is getting too much!!!

"This is getting tooo much" that's what Mr. Kamal, my Boss and the head of the English Department in the website I'm working in, said to me the moment I arrived today at work.
"Mariam you arrived late today AGAIN, and This is getting too much. Selma is not here and Nermine is not here. You've got to be here ON TIME".
Actually I felt very embarrassed, I've never been spoken to like this before. I'm ashamed of the whole situation.
Everyday I think what makes me actually bear this?!
I always had a problem with my attendance, and the evaluation of my training period the last 4 months in the English Department showed that I'm very poor in showing up on time and I didn't get good marks in following the Administration rules (Which I don't know what they are till now!!).
I've never been humiliated in such a way, and that's why I HATE work, I hate being bossed over, I hate being a possession for a company or a human being.
I love to write, to invent, to be creative, I love to be freeeee as a bird. Writing needs no boundaries, No Attendance, No force… It needs a mind, an open mind, not a closed, unorganized, stuffed one…!!!
I hope that day would come, when I can be the boss of myself.
I shall write and write and write… till the last day of my life.
I shall stop doing the stupid routine and administrative work I used to do… VIVA CREATIVITY.

But as for now, I have to work Hard, I have to Attend on Time, I have to prove myself because I believe deep inside myself that I'm good… really good.
It's all for the CAREER and for the MONEY…!!!
Something that'll support ur CV and the other will support ur needs, ur home, and ur life..!!!
Oh my God… This is really getting too much for meee.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Enemy of the State … Everyone is!

Yesterday while I was switching between T.V. channels late at night, I catched MBC Action channel when it was about to repeat playing Will smith's Enemy of the State after they played it last Tuesday. And because I really adore conspiracy movies, This one remains my favorite one after Mel Gibson's Conspiracy Theory. I started concentrating on watching for the zillionth time. And of course every time I notice some new things that I didn't pay attention to before!!

First of all, this movie reminds us of the scandal that took place a year or two ago after discovering that the BUSH administration took full credit and control of monitoring people's phone calls and tracing the personal life details of certain citizens without having any prior right or even suspecting that person…!! Well, to be honest, I can't remember the full details and that's what I can say.
Everyone after then (either than 9/11) became an enemy of the state, especially the Arabs and Muslims of course.
But will the plot that took place in that movie shall apply that way if the hero was an Arab?!

I don't think so … Here is a new and quick scenario I thought about if Bobby Dean Clayton (Will Smith) was called (Muhammad Samir) for example, and here goes the story :

(Scenario 1)

- Mohammad is an Accountant (not an attorney), He was buying Abaya for his wife (not LingerieJ))), and then suddenly a colleague of him entered the abaya store running as he was chased by some government feds.
Daniel Zavitz the colleague (as in the movie) used to attend a course with Mohammad in George Town University, and when he met him while running, he just threw the Disc hidden in the Game Boy into his bag.
The same original movie incidents goes on until that part when Mohammad's visited by those Feds. They enter by force saying those eternal words, only if they have time and have that sense of guilt or humor to say 'em, (You have the right to remain silent and everything you … blah blah blah blah…) till the end of this crap.
When they searched his house they found the game boy and the disc, and from that day he's been accused of 20 felonies, 14 murder crimes, 17 burglaries, and the list goes on.
They didn't have to exert any effort tracing him where he goes," just catch him, and to hell anyone who dares to speak"..!!

After the US government discovered what's on the tape later at the end of the movie (where Mohammad disappeared after the first 5 scenes or something) and that one of it's congress men was murdered.
The US government announced that Danny Zavitz was a martyr and honored his soul by naming the new Game Boy Editions after him.
They said Danny was a victim coz he took the video tape by chance thinking it was porn and he made a copy for his friend, and when he was delivering it, he was afraid to get arrested because of the usage of an illegal copying program…!!!
But What about Mohammad Samir?!

Okay, just open any human rights organization website and you'll find loads of campaigns to free him … Oh, I forgot to tell you that he's in Guantanamo after the fifth scene…
He was accused of his intentions to sell that tape for Al Qaa'da…!!!

He couldn't be an American hero, I though that was clear from the beginning!!

Actually, I thought of another four scenarios to write, but I'll post 'em later, it's 9 p.m now and I have to leave coz My husband is about to come back home, and I'm dying of hunger…Salamz all.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

To Blog or not To Blog!!

Why everybody blog nowadays… Do people have something to say, chit chat, kill their spare time, or they're just following the craze?!
My cousins, my friends, my work colleagues, college and school old mates … all of those have their personal blogs from about a year or more, but not all of them get responses or even care to update and put new topics or even pics..!!!
That's what I noticed the most.
Many make blogs, but rarely are they devoted to it.
They're just so obsessed by a slogan or a quote they'd like to put online (Oh, that's absolutely a cool motto!)as they think, and then comes the choice of a blog's name which is the easiest part.
Just bring a large list of singers and music groups (inspirational ones like Pink Floyd, Nirvana, The cranberries… etc) and then go through their songs and musical lyrics and you sure will find millions of names to put.

Actually that's what I've tried as a beginning, but I found nearly all the names of my favorite songs and lyrics taken and not available.
The thing that annoyed me the most was when I checked these blogs online and found nearly either no posts, small number of posts, very very old posts (from 2004 or 2005)…. So these people just took the name and didn't make any use out of it...
They Just took the surface not the core!!!

So Awkward actually from those who are supposed to say something … Have people lost interest in writing even on the PC?!!
Have they become so empty?
Are they soooooo busy and life is moving very fast?!
Has their life became just crap and the same things go on and on daily, just a damn boring routine?!
Actually I thought about all of these things before taking the decision of having a blog… and I decided I should take the risk… I asked myself many times that eternal question … Shall I start today, may be tomorrow, maybe next month…
Actually I'll start now… I took that promise on myself and now (Immediately!!!) I will start…

To Blog or not To Blog … That's the question!
And I chose to Blog!