Monday, February 23, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire Rules them all

Back from my 5 minutes rest on my couch... still covering the oscars and covering myself as as well:)

It's time for one of fav. awards.. the best original score.... and the oscar goes to..... SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE... A.R. Rahman (I guess an indian muslim), which is someone to be proud of definitly:)

Then came of course, the best original song of this year's oscar... the nominations are two songs from slumdog millionaire and one song from wall-E.

To my amazement A.R. Rahman the composer... performed the two of them!
It was a show mixing indian art with western... a bollywood-hollywood union:)

The best song went to AGAIN A.R. Rahman and slumdog Millionaire... the song's called (JAI Ho).

If you missed Hugh Jackman... he's back again to present new presnters!
Liam Neeson and slumdog Millionaire's Frida Pinto.. who presented the best foreign movie which went to (Departures) from Japan.
You should listen to the director speaking english and expressing his happiness through his eyes, he really made me smile:)
And thanks God that it was enough for the Israeli movie (Waltz With Bashir) to grab a golden globe and leave the oscars alone... If the oscars went to supporting the gays and Israel in one party, that would've made my heart stop and bleed!!!

Queen Latifah is here with a bright royal blue dress to.... NO.. not to present, to sing!
Sing for those who passed away through the year... and finalised them with paul Newman... did they miss Bernie Mac.. or It just flipped me by?!! Never know!

Reese witherspoon is presenting now the best director Award.... and the oscar GOES to...
DANNY BOYLE... for Slumdog Millionaire... people I love that guy:)))
He's too joyful and fun to be a brit!

3 more awards to go... I just need an hour to sleep and go to work... and I'll continue from my office as soon as I get the time to write more about the oscars...

Watching commercials and be right back for the last time this morning:)


مصـ( الخير )ـعب said...

Slumdog Millionaire sure should win this easily..

I enjoyed the movie too much!

please mariam when you write a post send the link :)

مصـ( الخير )ـعب said...

by the way, you have to see this video :