Monday, February 23, 2009

Lots of winners to Go & I'm waiting for my trophy!

Back again.. it's nearly reaching dawn here in Cairo, and I'm still awake watching:)

Here comes the best supporting Actor award... presented the same way as the best supporting actress award
The theater opened for (Alan Arkin, Kevin Klein, Christopher Walken, Cuba Gooding Jr., and Kevin Klein "who presented Heath Ledger as the Joker, with emotional way).... and of course the best Supporting Actor went to... as known from the begining to.... Heath Ledger... for his legandary role as the joker in The Dark Knight.

It was a very emotional moment... many people really and hardly held back thier tears!!!
His father, mother, and sister.. took the award on his (non-existant) behalf, and said they're here this night to celebrate his work:))

After all those tears and emotions, came the award for the best documentary Feature which went to... Man on Wire.
There was this nice man who was very thrilled(one of the makers), came running up the stage, just to say (YESSSSSSSSS), thank his wife, do a magic trick with a coin and hides it on his palm, and then holds the oscar trophy upwards on his mouth like circus clowns!!!!

Winners who always amazes us... what a reaction!

Then came the best short documentary which went to... Smile Pinki.

Another theme which is related with action came in short promo... Speed... speedy cars, crashes, falls, trains, planes, jumps... Thrilling promo!
You said the oscars could ever be boring?!!!

WWWWWWWOOOOOW oh my God.... my favourite host of the night.. Will smith:)))
Also with the best Tux of the night!

He presented the award of the best visual effects... which went to... The Curious case of Benjamin Button... yeah..third award... congrats:)

And also the best sound editing which went to.... WOW... my other favourite... THE DARK KNIGHT... so proud of Batman... good job bats:)

AOO.. will smith is still here to present the best sound mixing award which went to... Slumdog Millionaire.... there were three trophies .. one of them went to an indian called Resul who was very very touched and thanked his teachers and his country..India.

It's still Will Smith with the best film editing award which went to... Slumdog Millionaire... Indian Luck bets the Irish people!

From Will smith to Eddie Murphy... who'll give the Jean Hersholt Award to All time classic comedian.. Jerry Lewis:)
People all stood up, clapping and applausing strongly.

Oh... I'm feeling sleeeeeepy and can't believe I'll go to work just after 3 or 4 hours.... yuck!
I'll rest for 5 minutes and be right back.

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