Monday, February 23, 2009

OSCARS from my Couch... back again with my Drink:)

Penelope was amazing... with her white-like- bride dress and her sexy way of speaking spanish...WOW.. makes me wanna learn it everyday!

what a new and always creative way to present awards...
Steve Martin and Tina Fay... with thier funny looks and speechless acts that brings hilarious laughs!
They presented both best screen writer and best adapted script.
The screenwriter who won is the one who wrote the movie (Milk)... and yes he's Gay, or how else would he be inspired people... I thank God we don't have Harvey Milk living among us... and don't consider me racist about my views of the Gays!!!... Coz Really I am!... I mean Racist when it comes to sexual deviance and that's not our issue here...

As for the best adapted script ... it went for (Slumdog Millionaire).

Here came Jack Black (one of fav. comedians) and Jennifer Aniston to present best animated movie and best short animation.
And the first award went to (WAll-E) as i guessed and wished for... thanx to Pixar:)
and the short animation award went to a movie called (La Maison En Petits Cubes) whose winner nearly spoke english and thanked everyone in his life... except maybe the one who ushered him to his seat!
Those who work in the animation field are always, humble, geniuosesss, and are subject to respect and admiration.. I guess the man deserved it.

The way the theatre is divided is exactly the way the movie goes... from paper.. to back stage.. and then to screen and audience!!

Sarah Jessica Parker and Daniel Carig presented the best Art Direction and Best Costume Design, and also best Make-Up.

The best Art Direction went to..... The Curious case of Benjamin Button:))) YEAAAAAAAAHHH.... a first award... yuuuuupiiiie:)

And the Best Costume Design went to..... The Duchess.

And the Best Make- up as I predicted from watching it for the first time... went to.... The Curious case of Benjamin Button..... yeaaaaaaaaahhhhhh. the second:)

Will be back again... need to drink... water people!

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