Monday, February 23, 2009

Third time... OSCARS still rolling!

Best Romantic moments from movies of 2008... what a theme... believe me this never ever fails... a short movie bringing them all in a very romantic and sentimental shots.

OH MY GOD... this is Natalie Portman along with a disguising-with-a beard- ben stiller (which made him more like a Jew than he really is!).. presenting the best cinematography award.

The best Cinematography went to.... slumdog Millionaire... this movie is really lucky... don't know if it the Irish Luck or the Indian Luck!!

Jessica Biel presented the academy award for scientific and technical achievement... don't know what's that actually.. and the transmittion here I guess may be skipped something... don't know, but that's relly wiered!

A hillarious short movie.. mocking the movies nominated and other box office (non- nomintaed) comedy movies, made by Kimensky... lightened up the show a big deal:))))))

Then came the Live action short film award, that went to... Spielzeugland (Toyland).

Hugh came back again on stage... but this time along with the stunning Beyonce in Red showgirl costume singing together different songs from different historical musicals... with them Vanessa Hudgens and Zack Effron from High School Musical.
They all performed a medley of musicals in one... so catchy:)

I'll stretch my back and come back again... don't go... be right back:)

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