Monday, February 23, 2009

The Oscars LIVE from my couch!

This is one of my most private moments of the year... watching the oscars Live.. alone at my home, alone on my couch with my favourite mug of a any hot drink... wrapped in warm sheets waiting for my illusionary AWARD... for best supporting...watcher:))

Here we go after... after the amazing Red Carpet glamorous arrivals of the actors, actresses, directors, whole casts of the most wonderful and best movies of this year... I saw the best dresses ever... and also the worst... and to be honest there was nothing worst than Tilda Swinton's black dress last year!

The show is going on now with it's host for this year... Wolverine... yeah, it's Hugh Jackman.
He gave an amazing musical start using the help of the sweet Anne Hathaway sitting among the audience in the front seats.

Hugh was so light, funny, and easy going with all the stars... he made some jokes with Frank Langella from (Nixon/Frost),a dn also Mickry Rorck from (the Wrestler).

Here are the first Award to Go.... Appering from the back of the theatre... five of the best supporting actresses winners (Tilda swinton "with a dress even worst than that of last year"!!!, Anjelica Huoston, Goldie Hawn, Whoopi Goldberg, and

Best supporting Actress... and the oscar goes to....


Be back again people... will go to make a cup of my favourite hot peppermint and continue watching and blogging from my couch and infront of my new Ultra slim LG Tv... congratualte me later:)

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علي عبد المنعم said...

Nice Idea Mariam, you needed to tell people that you was going to make a live coverage for the oscars to have a good traffic to your blog while blogging