Monday, February 23, 2009

Good Night Oscars 2009... Amazing Night:)

Again from the back of the stage... came those stars to present us the best actresses...
(Sophia Lorren, shirley Maclain, Nicole Kidman, Marion Cotillard, and Halle Berry)... all stood up and went for a long and strong applause:)

The award went to... KATE WINSLET... in The Reader:))
she said about that fainting thing that penelope mentioned:))
and about the shampoo bottle that was in her bathroom when she was a kid in the shape of the oscar trophy... now it's not a shampoo bottle.
Kate could barely breathe and she tried to remember everyone to thank and give tributes.

And the one before the final.... The Best actor award... presented by star winners as well which are (sir Anthony Hopkins, Sir Ben Kingsly, Micheal Douglas, Adrian Brody, Robert Di Nero)... And Best Actor Award went to......

Be happy Gays.... it's Sean Penn for the second time in the academy history... playing Harvey Milk!!
Don't know why, but this reminds me somehow of the year when Brokeback mountain was nominted for some awards... a gay movie as well.

I like sean Penn's movies of course, but don't intend to watch this one... don't support it!
And what was the equal rights sean penn talked about in his speech?!!

Sean Penn also said: "I thank God that we live in a country that elected an elegant man

Finally, Steven Spielberg came up the stage to present the nominations for best Film and present the winner.... and the oscar goes to....

Now it feels like Mumbai not LA.... all the cast of the movie on stage.. feeling very happy and excited..
Hugh Jackman wishes all of you a good night... and me too I wish you a good morning... it's 7 in the morning here in cairo...I just need 1 hour sleep to be able to work today...

And ah... by the way... Fox movies is playing (Escape from the planet of the Apes) for the hundredth time really since 2008!!!
They choose starnge times to play it:)))
Bye for now:)

Slumdog Millionaire Rules them all

Back from my 5 minutes rest on my couch... still covering the oscars and covering myself as as well:)

It's time for one of fav. awards.. the best original score.... and the oscar goes to..... SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE... A.R. Rahman (I guess an indian muslim), which is someone to be proud of definitly:)

Then came of course, the best original song of this year's oscar... the nominations are two songs from slumdog millionaire and one song from wall-E.

To my amazement A.R. Rahman the composer... performed the two of them!
It was a show mixing indian art with western... a bollywood-hollywood union:)

The best song went to AGAIN A.R. Rahman and slumdog Millionaire... the song's called (JAI Ho).

If you missed Hugh Jackman... he's back again to present new presnters!
Liam Neeson and slumdog Millionaire's Frida Pinto.. who presented the best foreign movie which went to (Departures) from Japan.
You should listen to the director speaking english and expressing his happiness through his eyes, he really made me smile:)
And thanks God that it was enough for the Israeli movie (Waltz With Bashir) to grab a golden globe and leave the oscars alone... If the oscars went to supporting the gays and Israel in one party, that would've made my heart stop and bleed!!!

Queen Latifah is here with a bright royal blue dress to.... NO.. not to present, to sing!
Sing for those who passed away through the year... and finalised them with paul Newman... did they miss Bernie Mac.. or It just flipped me by?!! Never know!

Reese witherspoon is presenting now the best director Award.... and the oscar GOES to...
DANNY BOYLE... for Slumdog Millionaire... people I love that guy:)))
He's too joyful and fun to be a brit!

3 more awards to go... I just need an hour to sleep and go to work... and I'll continue from my office as soon as I get the time to write more about the oscars...

Watching commercials and be right back for the last time this morning:)

Lots of winners to Go & I'm waiting for my trophy!

Back again.. it's nearly reaching dawn here in Cairo, and I'm still awake watching:)

Here comes the best supporting Actor award... presented the same way as the best supporting actress award
The theater opened for (Alan Arkin, Kevin Klein, Christopher Walken, Cuba Gooding Jr., and Kevin Klein "who presented Heath Ledger as the Joker, with emotional way).... and of course the best Supporting Actor went to... as known from the begining to.... Heath Ledger... for his legandary role as the joker in The Dark Knight.

It was a very emotional moment... many people really and hardly held back thier tears!!!
His father, mother, and sister.. took the award on his (non-existant) behalf, and said they're here this night to celebrate his work:))

After all those tears and emotions, came the award for the best documentary Feature which went to... Man on Wire.
There was this nice man who was very thrilled(one of the makers), came running up the stage, just to say (YESSSSSSSSS), thank his wife, do a magic trick with a coin and hides it on his palm, and then holds the oscar trophy upwards on his mouth like circus clowns!!!!

Winners who always amazes us... what a reaction!

Then came the best short documentary which went to... Smile Pinki.

Another theme which is related with action came in short promo... Speed... speedy cars, crashes, falls, trains, planes, jumps... Thrilling promo!
You said the oscars could ever be boring?!!!

WWWWWWWOOOOOW oh my God.... my favourite host of the night.. Will smith:)))
Also with the best Tux of the night!

He presented the award of the best visual effects... which went to... The Curious case of Benjamin Button... yeah..third award... congrats:)

And also the best sound editing which went to.... WOW... my other favourite... THE DARK KNIGHT... so proud of Batman... good job bats:)

AOO.. will smith is still here to present the best sound mixing award which went to... Slumdog Millionaire.... there were three trophies .. one of them went to an indian called Resul who was very very touched and thanked his teachers and his country..India.

It's still Will Smith with the best film editing award which went to... Slumdog Millionaire... Indian Luck bets the Irish people!

From Will smith to Eddie Murphy... who'll give the Jean Hersholt Award to All time classic comedian.. Jerry Lewis:)
People all stood up, clapping and applausing strongly.

Oh... I'm feeling sleeeeeepy and can't believe I'll go to work just after 3 or 4 hours.... yuck!
I'll rest for 5 minutes and be right back.

Third time... OSCARS still rolling!

Best Romantic moments from movies of 2008... what a theme... believe me this never ever fails... a short movie bringing them all in a very romantic and sentimental shots.

OH MY GOD... this is Natalie Portman along with a disguising-with-a beard- ben stiller (which made him more like a Jew than he really is!).. presenting the best cinematography award.

The best Cinematography went to.... slumdog Millionaire... this movie is really lucky... don't know if it the Irish Luck or the Indian Luck!!

Jessica Biel presented the academy award for scientific and technical achievement... don't know what's that actually.. and the transmittion here I guess may be skipped something... don't know, but that's relly wiered!

A hillarious short movie.. mocking the movies nominated and other box office (non- nomintaed) comedy movies, made by Kimensky... lightened up the show a big deal:))))))

Then came the Live action short film award, that went to... Spielzeugland (Toyland).

Hugh came back again on stage... but this time along with the stunning Beyonce in Red showgirl costume singing together different songs from different historical musicals... with them Vanessa Hudgens and Zack Effron from High School Musical.
They all performed a medley of musicals in one... so catchy:)

I'll stretch my back and come back again... don't go... be right back:)

OSCARS from my Couch... back again with my Drink:)

Penelope was amazing... with her white-like- bride dress and her sexy way of speaking spanish...WOW.. makes me wanna learn it everyday!

what a new and always creative way to present awards...
Steve Martin and Tina Fay... with thier funny looks and speechless acts that brings hilarious laughs!
They presented both best screen writer and best adapted script.
The screenwriter who won is the one who wrote the movie (Milk)... and yes he's Gay, or how else would he be inspired people... I thank God we don't have Harvey Milk living among us... and don't consider me racist about my views of the Gays!!!... Coz Really I am!... I mean Racist when it comes to sexual deviance and that's not our issue here...

As for the best adapted script ... it went for (Slumdog Millionaire).

Here came Jack Black (one of fav. comedians) and Jennifer Aniston to present best animated movie and best short animation.
And the first award went to (WAll-E) as i guessed and wished for... thanx to Pixar:)
and the short animation award went to a movie called (La Maison En Petits Cubes) whose winner nearly spoke english and thanked everyone in his life... except maybe the one who ushered him to his seat!
Those who work in the animation field are always, humble, geniuosesss, and are subject to respect and admiration.. I guess the man deserved it.

The way the theatre is divided is exactly the way the movie goes... from paper.. to back stage.. and then to screen and audience!!

Sarah Jessica Parker and Daniel Carig presented the best Art Direction and Best Costume Design, and also best Make-Up.

The best Art Direction went to..... The Curious case of Benjamin Button:))) YEAAAAAAAAHHH.... a first award... yuuuuupiiiie:)

And the Best Costume Design went to..... The Duchess.

And the Best Make- up as I predicted from watching it for the first time... went to.... The Curious case of Benjamin Button..... yeaaaaaaaaahhhhhh. the second:)

Will be back again... need to drink... water people!

The Oscars LIVE from my couch!

This is one of my most private moments of the year... watching the oscars Live.. alone at my home, alone on my couch with my favourite mug of a any hot drink... wrapped in warm sheets waiting for my illusionary AWARD... for best supporting...watcher:))

Here we go after... after the amazing Red Carpet glamorous arrivals of the actors, actresses, directors, whole casts of the most wonderful and best movies of this year... I saw the best dresses ever... and also the worst... and to be honest there was nothing worst than Tilda Swinton's black dress last year!

The show is going on now with it's host for this year... Wolverine... yeah, it's Hugh Jackman.
He gave an amazing musical start using the help of the sweet Anne Hathaway sitting among the audience in the front seats.

Hugh was so light, funny, and easy going with all the stars... he made some jokes with Frank Langella from (Nixon/Frost),a dn also Mickry Rorck from (the Wrestler).

Here are the first Award to Go.... Appering from the back of the theatre... five of the best supporting actresses winners (Tilda swinton "with a dress even worst than that of last year"!!!, Anjelica Huoston, Goldie Hawn, Whoopi Goldberg, and

Best supporting Actress... and the oscar goes to....


Be back again people... will go to make a cup of my favourite hot peppermint and continue watching and blogging from my couch and infront of my new Ultra slim LG Tv... congratualte me later:)